The Origins of the “Who Created Kirby?” Meme

The Origins of the “Who Created Kirby?” Meme

If you don’t know who Kirby is you might not play a lot of Nintendo since this bubblegum-looking character came out in 1992 and quickly became a popular icon for the game system and company despite his rather disturbing method of taking care of his enemies. Padraig Cotter from ScreenRant was able to find out just why the meme “Who Created Kirby” became such a popular thing back in the day however, and it was actually kind of amusing. Evidently the meme was started after people started trying to find Kirby’s creator, Masahuro Sakurai, but were presented with a very different image that portrayed a rather large black man that didn’t look Asian in the least. This obviously confused a lot of people that had trouble believing what they were seeing, but the picture was apparently taken from a Twitter account that had a large number of followers. It took a matter of months for the glitch to be fixed, but by that time the memes and the jokes had begun in earnest and weren’t bound to stop for a while. But anyone that’s been online for long enough has to know that once something’s up it’s not bound to come down easily if at all, and the Kirby meme was born and put on blast as often as it could be.

As of now if you typed in the line “who created Kirby?” you’d likely still get an answer but with no picture. This might bother some people but it’s better than having to scratch your head wondering just how a big African-American came by a very Asian-sounding name. While the meme lasted for a while and can probably still be found pretty easily it died out just like all of them do. The character though has been with Nintendo long enough at this point that he’s become a mainstay and one of the more popular icons of the gaming world. That’s a little impressive considering that he looks like a pink soap bubble and has such an odd power set. He literally inhales his enemies and takes their powers before disposing of them, which is cool in some regards but kind of trippy in others and even gross if you really think about it. The kind of regard that adults give games once they grow up is comical really since these type of thoughts don’t seem to register when we’re younger and just want to have fun. Remember those days? You didn’t think about half of the things that you played, watched, ate, or even did, you just enjoyed them and didn’t give a second thought to the things that you didn’t care about. Nowadays though as an adult you look back, especially on video games, and wonder just what you might have missed.

Then there’s the idea that the games weren’t quite as wholesome as you might have thought. Think about it for a second, Mario went in search of Princess Peach and stomped on just about everything he could in order to rescue her, including uncounted turtles and mushroom creatures and other things. Granted, they were all trying to kill him but there were those that would often go out of their way in order to kill as many of the enemies they could in an attempt to keep their score going even higher. Some might say that some of these games were insanely violent but since they were made into cute and non-gory versions they were okay. Just imagine if Kirby had been spitting out bones or other pieces as someone might think of today, that would have been something interesting but possibly also traumatizing to some of us as kids. But then again, since a lot of us that have played the games don’t give it that much thought and still don’t, we get to enjoy the idea of it and the memories without thinking on it too much. It’s a game after all, and anything that happens during it or after it or even before it that has something to do with the game is bound to be either amusing or at least interesting.

The dark side of video games has more to do with people wanting to affix their own values to the game and create a sense of morality that isn’t really needed for such an innocent kid’s game. Those that somehow feel the need to impose their will and insist that games are downright creepy and wrong for the things their characters are made to do are typically those that either don’t understand the game or never bothered to pick up a controller and try it out. They’re also likely to be the type of people to find fault in a meme that was considered to be pretty funny for a while, and even call out a racial issue for the picture that was used.

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