The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Review: “They All Asked for You”

The Originals

The Originals returned last night with another flawless episode.  To me, this show is at its best when the central family puts aside their differences and unites against outside threats.  The Mikaelsons aren’t quite there yet, as we all know that Klaus won’t ever be so easy to trust his father, but the seeds are planted for that to happen sometime in the near future.

Freya obviously knows Dahlia best so it’s important for her to win the trust of her siblings.  It may not have been the smartest move to attempt to get on Klaus’ good side by announcing you freed your father, who has always made it his mission to kill Klaus.  That said, Freya and Mikael’s reunion scene was very sweet because he bought into Esther’s lies that she was killed.  If and when Esther ever wakes up, everyone will have their own reasons to hate her even more.  I think Esther is key to defeating Dahlia, whenever she chooses to make her appearance.  Freya thinks she knows how to take down this evil aunt of hers, but nothing is ever that easy.

Klaus has his own personal vendetta against Mikael that will probably never end until both of them are dead.  He literally stopped listening and fled the scene as soon as Freya said she sent Mikael out to get the stuff she needs to fight Dahlia.  Even before all this, he was trying to manipulate Jackson and Hayley to control their wolves as he sees fit.  Hayley finally put her foot down and fearlessly stood up to Klaus once and for all when he tried to get her to use her wolves for his own agenda.  Good for her!  I love this new side of Hayley.  She’s even more fierce and confident after marrying Jackson.

Of course, Klaus doesn’t take no for an answer, nor does he take Hayley’s threat to leave with Hope seriously.  He goes right back to his old devious ways and propositions Aidan to rise to the occasion and stand up to fight to become the pack’s new Alpha.  He’s going to be whispering in Aidan’s ear but I think Jackson and Hayley will catch on very quickly that Klaus is behind whatever uprising is coming to the pack.  Klaus really needs to sit down for a second and reevaluate his approach to protecting his daughter.  If Freya is on his side against Dahlia, and she’s in control of Mikael, then all he has to do is go with the flow unless and until they happen to turn on Hope.

With the new twist that Rebekah’s current body is that of a murderous witch, there seems to be the potential for a threat to Hope that’s much closer to home.  If Eva Sinclair is fighting for control of her body against Rebekah, who is to say that she won’t attempt to attack Hope?  She’s notorious for killing witch children to drain their powers, so this seems like a very important issue that needs to be addressed.  I don’t know how I feel about this whole storyline, though.  Obviously, the most logical solution would be to just pop Rebekah back into her original body (Claire Holt) but that’s not possible.  At least there’s still the possibility for Marcel and Rebekah rekindling their romance.  The fact that Marcel recognized her in this new body just goes to prove that maybe there is such a thing as soul mates if he could be so drawn to her no matter what.

Lastly, Elijah takes the high road in attempting to deal with the Treme witches who are after Rebekah/Eva.  He does some thorough research on Josephine LaRue, an elder witch whose superiority could influence the actions of different covens.  With Gia’s reluctant help, he is able to strike a deal with LaRue.  If he returns Vincent (the body his brother Finn was inhabiting) to his coven, she will call off the hit on Eva.

A few things about this situation are worth discussing.  Now, the actor who plays Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) was promoted to a series regular, so even though Freya took Finn from his body – essentially doing Elijah a favor without knowing it – Vincent will surely play a bigger role going forward.  He’s still a witch, but his motives and personality are yet to be seen.  Also, what is Freya’s plan for Finn now?  Keep him locked in her necklace indefinitely, or will we get a third actor portraying him?  I kind of hope it’s the former because Finn was always a hothead troublemaker and one more body switch would be too much.  The most eye-roll worthy moment of all was Gia’s unabashed flirting with Elijah.  He’s a man, and he’ll do what he pleases but they’re only using each other as rebounds.  Actually, Gia is the real loser in this love pentagon with Hayley/Elijah and herself and Marcel, who is definitely endgame with Rebekah.

Overall, there’s plenty more action promised as Dahlia looks to be making her presence known as soon as next week’s episode.  It will be very exciting to watch how everyone bonds together to protect Hope, who may possibly be strong enough to defend herself.

Notable quotables:

-”A new day is coming whether we like it or not.  The question is, will you control it or will it control you?” -Klaus

-”You are all the same.  Monsters wearing the skin of humans.” -Josephine LaRue, regarding vampires

-”My charms are quite adaptable, Marcellus.  Let me assure you.” -Elijah

What did you think of “They All Asked for You”?  

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