Three of the Most Tragic Deaths on “Shadowhunters”

Three of the Most Tragic Deaths on “Shadowhunters”


It’s a bit of a revelation when Clary comes to understand that she’s part of a legacy that has to do with the very legends that human beings have convinced themselves are make believe and not to be taken seriously. Once she finds out that she’s part of a group that protects those that can’t protect themselves however life gets a bit complicated as she’s taken into the fold and taught how to become a Shadowhunter, a warrior with magical capabilities that can do things that no mortal is capable of. In a show such at this however where the stakes are continually raised and the danger is always present you can only imagine that a few deaths are going to be kind of expected since the creatures and individuals that the Shadowhunters deal with aren’t exactly there to play nice. Some deaths however hit fans harder than others.

Here are just a few deaths from Shadowhunters that people took a little harder than others.

3. Heidi McKenzie

Heidi seems like someone who was simply misguided and didn’t have much of a chance at life, a neglected and confused woman that had no other choice but to follow her own addictions as she started frequenting bleeder dens. From that point on though she was hooked and was actually quite successful when it came to being a vampire. But the downfall was that she fell too deeply into the life and didn’t really have a way back it would seem, throwing herself so fully into the idea of being what she was that it was too late from the start. But biting someone with holy water in her veins seems like an inventive and very tricky way to go.

2. Kaelie

You could say that Kaelie went out tough since she took a couple of Shadowhunters down and wasn’t about to simply lie down and die. Of course taking on a group that are specifically trained to kill and to be merciless about it isn’t the best way to go about gaining revenge for what was done to her. It would seem that Kaelie was really more about getting her payback on those that she felt had wronged her and so many others, meaning she was unfocused and not entirely in the fight as much as she should be. In the end though she fell and it was still kind of sad since she could have been something quite special.

1. Sebastian Morganstern

This one tore people up since they wanted to see Jonathan, who had become Sebastian, do a little more good for all the evil he’d done throughout the show. His potential was considered to be massive but somehow it was decided that he was going to be vile until his dying breath and that no amount of good was going to save him. When he was finally put to rest he did revert back to Jonathan, but it was just too late to save him. People are still tore up about this one since despite being such an evil character for so long there seemed to be enough good left to give Jonathan a chance, or at least the fans thought so.

It’s fair to say that fans get over these kinds of things in their own due time, but the reactions of those that call themselves die hard or hardcore fans sometimes is kind of silly since while it’s great and absolutely understandable to enjoy a show, one might need to think twice about watching if they’re going to get overly emotional.

Let’s hope we don’t see any more!

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