The Mortal Kombat Trailer is Here and it’s Pure Awesome

The Mortal Kombat Trailer is Here and it’s Pure Awesome

The Mortal Kombat trailer is here and one thing that many fans should be grateful for is that apart from having to watch the trailer on YouTube due to its graphic nature, it already looks awesome since it’s pulling away from the family-friendly nonsense that took hold in the 1995 movie. That might sound a little too harsh or judgmental considering that people didn’t mind the first movie all that much, but let’s remember that people didn’t mind it because it was the first one and that’s all we had to go on. It was better than Mortal Kombat: Annihilation as well since the second movie was just a whole lot of godawful that people could barely stomach, but this movie is already looking like something that adheres firmly to the idea of what Mortal Kombat has represented throughout the years, and people are bound to be psyched to see what will happen when the movie finally releases in April. There’s already evidence that several well-known and respected characters will be arriving, especially the core characters that started the game off. But from the cast, it appears that there are going to be a few additions as well. One thing that many people should be glad about is that the feud between Scorpion and Sub Zero is going to be viewed in a very pleasing way since in the trailer the customary “Get over here!” is already heard as Scorpion’s chain has been reverted back to an actual weapon and not some odd serpent-like thing that shoots from his hand. 

The opening to the trailer is interesting since it positions Sub-Zero as an antagonist, which is intriguing since his character has been held up as a protagonist in the past, but of course, the Lin Kuei don’t really have the most stellar reputation at times. In this instance, it would appear that Sub Zero is simply out to do some damage, and is the one that is responsible for Jax receiving his metal arms. In one of the games it was due to Ermac, and in MK: Annihilation it had to do with Jax volunteering for the new tech that would augment his already impressive strength. But this time around it does look insanely painful when Jax has his arms frozen and then busted to pieces. The adherence to the tournament is bound to be appreciated, but it would appear that there’s going to be a bit of lore about it as well, which could be nice. 

So far there are several characters to be seen such as Sonya, Jax, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Mileena, and even Goro among the many, but how they’re going to be brought into the mix is anyone’s guess since the story has changed so often that it’s hard to say how they’re going to be written in at this point. Obviously, Kung Lao is going to be from the past, while Liu Kang is meant to be the chief protagonist, maybe, and the others are supposed to be his backup, or support, however one wants to look at it. But one has to think that Raiden finally being taken on by an Asian actor, Tadanobu Asano, is going to please a lot of folks since the character was played by Christopher Lambert to start with, and was played by James Remar in Annihilation. Seriously, if a person can act in a role then usually it’s best to say ‘so be it’ and move on, but when a character is derived from a mythological character that is set in a specific culture it’s usually a good idea to think of finding someone from that culture to act out the part. People accepted Lambert and Remar for the most part, but it’s bound to be interesting to see how Asano will take on the role. 

The feud between Scorpion and Sub Zero is bound to get a lot of people interested enough to see what might happen since this is a rivalry and deadly feud that’s been ongoing since the first game came out, and it hasn’t slowed down much over the years save for the few times when the two finally set their weapons aside and worked for a common cause, such as in MK 11. It’s a bit obvious in this movie that they’ll still be at each other’s throats, and that we’ll see Scorpion as a human defending his home. While this has been shown before, seeing it in a simpler setting is going to be a different kind of awesome since watching Scorpion flinging his customary weapon, which is in effect a rope dart with a lethal spearhead attachment, to devastating effect. It feels safe to say that this fight is going to be the reason why a lot of people will want to see this movie. But all in all, it does look as though it will be a lot of fun. 

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