The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 19 Review: “Confessions of a Catho-holic”

The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project has had some stellar guest stars in its run.  Stephen Colbert joined the ranks of the best of the best in last night’s episode, in which he played Father O’Donnell, a childhood frenemy of Danny’s turned Catholic priest.

For as long as we’ve known Danny, we’ve known he’s a devout Catholic that takes his religious upbringing very seriously.  Except for the fact that he doesn’t practice abstinence and knocked up his girlfriend out of wedlock.  Oops?  This episode really played on the outdated school of thinking of the Catholic Church.  If Danny was so self-conscious enough to have to lie to a priest about Mindy being Catholic (and also hide the fact that she was pregnant with his baby), he had some personal issues to work through.

Mindy played along with the lie better than Danny’s ever done when she’s used him before, even resorting to having Morgan text her conversation starter ideas.  Colbert’s Father O’Donnell fit in flawlessly with Danny and Mindy.  I almost wish they had an excuse to invite him over for dinner every week.  Although, they would have to get some real desserts for him to make up for finding condoms stashed in their cookie car.  That was definitely awkward but his reaction killed it!

In the end, Danny comes to realize that he has nothing to be ashamed of because Mindy and their baby make him the happiest he’s ever been.  She overhears this before Father and Danny are essentially “breaking up,” talking about sending Danny his excommunication papers from the Church, which was funny, but a bit of a stretch from reality.  Mindy settles their differences by letting both these men know that she wants their son to be raised Catholic.  She herself isn’t a religious person but she’s very aware of how important it is to Danny.  Yay!  This means we’re guaranteed to see Father O’Donnell at least once more for the baby’s christening.  Hopefully, if and when they ever decide to get married, he’ll officiate their wedding too.

Mindy and Danny’s dinner with the priest could have taken up an entire episode itself, but there just so happened to be a mildly amusing subplot squeezed in.  Jeremy was performing a one-man theater show tracing his childhood in the UK, but he’s the absolute worst actor.  He begs for all his co-workers and friends to come to the show, which literally goes up in flames.  Even before the fire broke out, he was doomed having to rely on Morgan to feed him his lines on stage from the audience.  I normally love Jeremy, and maybe Colbert’s appearance overshadowed this B plot, but it felt lacking for the most part.

Notable quotables:

-”Yes, biologically she’s a boy but who knows what she will identify with.  I might still win.” -Mindy showing her modern take on her acceptance of her unborn child

-”Oh my god. This is the lair of Lucifer.” -Father Michael O’Donnell upon discovering condoms in Danny’s cookie jar after not being offered any desserts

-”There’s a sequel to the Bible but not to Gone Girl?” -Mindy after being asked what her favorite verse is from the New Testament.  Never change, Mindy.

What did you think of “Confessions of a Catho-holic”?

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