The Internet Saves Another Show: Manifest Season 4 May Happen

On one hand, it’s a good thing that someone is willing to listen when fans talk, on the other, well, fans talk too much sometimes. This isn’t one of the latter moments since it would appear that Manifest might actually be picked up by Netflix again since people still have a vested interest in seeing how the story plays out. There are plenty of times when the whining of the fans across the internet can be something that creates more annoyance than anything, but if the fans can accomplish something like this, there are times when it’s a positive thing. Nothing is certain at this point but it does sound as though Manifest will be picked up at some point and will be given a chance to come to a conclusion at its own pace. If that doesn’t appease the fans then few things likely will. The truth of course is that fans are rarely ever pleased one hundred percent since a lot of them will likely want to see Manifest continue past the point when it should probably end.

That’s kind of how fans work, at least from one perspective. One can and can’t blame the fans at the same time since the diversity of those that watch shows such as Manifest is so great that it goes without saying that some might think that bringing back the show after it was canceled is a bad idea, while others might think that it needs to be brought back and taken in a different direction, while others will say that it’s going in the right direction but might be better if it ends eventually. Hopefully the people running the show will have a better idea of how it should go, which is entirely likely since Jeff Rake, the guy telling the story, apparently has plenty more to go and is ready to make it happen.

As a storyteller and a fan, it’s easy to understand the frustration of seeing a tale that’s unfinished, but one can only imagine how frustrating it is for someone who was expecting their story to continue until completion only to be canceled a few seasons in. It’s even worse given that the show started up a couple of years ago. Had it been canceled after season one it’s likely that a lot of people might not have said another word about it since there’s a good chance that someone else would have picked it up by now, or it would have been forgotten. Between the idea of a network no longer being interested in something either because it’s not popular or because of the budget, there have been a few shows that have been canceled over the years in a most frustrating fashion. Some haven’t even managed to get past the pilot stage while others haven’t really done much when given the chance. It’s all a matter of perspective really, but there have been plenty of shows that apparently haven’t lived up to the expectations that people had for them. It’s hard to know who to blame when things like this happen, but a lot of fans have turned to those in charge of making sure said stories have a solid place on their lineup.

Unfortunately, fans will rarely, if ever, blame themselves, since like it or not, the low ratings for a show, or the low amount of viewers is something that goes into the mix when determining which shows to keep and which ones to bail on. In this light, the fans might have to do a little self-reflection and stop patting themselves on the back quite as much since if the fanbase had been there in the first place it’s likely that the show might not have been canceled. That’s one theory at least since there are a few factors that go into whether a show will be kept or not. But the fans, who love to act like spoiled children when one of their favorite shows is mishandled, taken away, or messed with in any way, are quick to be self-congratulatory when they manage to shout loud enough to ‘fix’ something, or influence anything in any way. This is why being a fan is sometimes problematic, since many might think that a person is willing to say or do just about anything to get their way when it comes to bringing a show back.

In all fairness, there are fans that are loyal and steadfast that simply accept things as they are and realize that it’s a business, no matter that they lament watching their favorite shows being taken off the air. Then there are the fans that have to whine and moan and then cheer and pump their fists in the air as if they did something magnificent when they see their shows brought back on the air. Honestly, congratulations to the show for maybe having a way back, but to the fans, calm down.

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