The Insecure Season 5 Ending Explained

If you didn’t shed a few tears during the Insecure finale, then you were only a bandwagon fan. After five years the cast finally bids their farewells in a forty-five minute episode (yes I said 45 minutes!). It was only right that Issa Rae grant us with an extra fifteen minutes since this was the last time we would get to see the cast together. The final episode strategically titled “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay?!” is really one big celebration of life. The episode time jumps to different intervals of  the gang’s life to show how everything finally comes together.  A lot of viewers may be disappointed by the finale episode only because it doesn’t include any surprising twists, turns and drama that makes a show interesting. However, it’s the picture perfect ending to a very imperfect story.

What Happened Between Issa and Nathan?

In Insecure Season 5, Episode 9 Nathan got into it with Lawrence at Tiffany’s (Amanda Seale) going away party after he kind of overheard Lawrence professing his undying love to Issa. In the opening scene of the finale, Nathan drops Issa off after the party and officially breaks things off with her. Nathan didn’t care for the drama and he never felt secure in Issa’s life, so for his own mental health he needed to step back. Issa was hurt, but she didn’t put up much of a fight, which is sort of indicative of her true feelings. Nathan and Issa have the most mature breakup ever which shows just how much she has grown over the years. A year later, they run into each other on Issa’s birthday and they both agree that they came into each other’s lives for a good reason and there is no bad blood.

Is Tiffany Really Living The Life In Denver?

In the finale episode we find out that Tiffany and her husband Derek are high rollers in Denver. They have the big beautiful house on the hill and the lifestyle that she always wanted. But she’s homesick. Their daughter is the only black girl in her school and Tiffany hasn’t made any new friends. Being far away from her close friends and especially her best friend Kelli is torture. But we’re confident Tiffany and Derek will figure it out because when she pops up month’s later at Kelli’s birthday party’s, she’s swapped her signature blonde locks for a sleek black bob and she has a bun in the oven!

What’s Going On With Kelli?

Kelli’s birthday event is filled with lots of fun and love between good friends. As the wild card of the group, we’re totally shocked when she announces her pregnancy at her party. Yes, Kelli is pregnant! Everyone is shocked, but throughout all five seasons, we have never seen Kelli in a real relationship.

How Is Condola and Lawrence’s Co-Parenting Relationship?

For a minute some of us thought that Lawrence and Condola might find love within each other and become an actual couple. But that never happens. A few months later, Lawrence celebrates his birthday as much as Condola and their son. The two have settled into a peaceful co-parenting routine. After lunch, Condola takes over the parenting duties and Lawrence spends the night with his lady friend.

Does Molly Make Things Official With Taurean?

Molly mother passed away on the season finale. She receives the devastating news while checking up on Issa after her breakup with Nathan. But for every bad thing, there’s something good. Molly’s relationship with Taurean the handsome, hotshot lawyer at her firm has been heating up all season long. Not only does Molly get the guy this time, but she marries him in the closing scenes of the episodes. All the ladies attend her epic wedding ceremony. It’s good to see Molly have her full-circle moment, especially since she hasn’t had the best luck in relationships.

Does Issa Finally Find Love?

Issa’s love life has been the center of our entertainment for the last five years. Before we get into that let’s take a moment and appreciate the beautiful moment that Issa and Molly shared in the bathroom at her wedding. The sweet moment was a real tear jerker especially considering the fact that their friendship almost ended last season. Everyone is beyond excited when Issa reconnects with Lawrence. She randomly calls him on his birthday and offers to take him out. However, Lawrence asks for a rain check as he has plans. A few weeks later Lawrence comes over to see Issa’s apartment and they agree to see how things go. Fast forward a year later and Lawrence is Issa’s date to Molly’s dream wedding. Lawrence and Issa have settled into their life together and she even has her own special relationship with Elijah, Lawrence’s son with Condola. Molly calls from her honeymoon to update Issa and we learn that Issa and Lawrence are engaged. The Insecure finale was perfect because everyone truly experienced a full circle moment.

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