The Hilarious Imaginary Pitch Meeting For Black Widow

The Hilarious Imaginary Pitch Meeting For Black Widow

The Black Widow movie took so long to release that it almost feels as though one shouldn’t try to make fun of it. Well, the world ‘almost’ is why we will since it’s all in good sport and there were a few things about the movie that kind of went along with a lot of superhero movies even though Natasha isn’t exactly a super-powered individual and would definitely take a lot of damage from some of the scenes in this movie. There’s a lot to say about equality and the type of training that she went through in the Red Room, and how it could have toughened her up, but every human body still has a limit that it can’t go past, and surviving an explosion, possible hypothermia, falling from great heights, and being beaten within an inch of her life by women who were trained to be just as ruthless as she was at one time feels like it should have been the end of her. But it’s also fair to say that she had two more movies to go, so she had to survive somehow.

But Natasha’s story is slightly more low-key than the Avengers even if she has a Russian super-soldier and two noted assassins in her family, even if they’re not actual blood relatives. Being that this is the closest thing to a family that she’s ever had it’s fair to call them her actual family since at one point they did bond, no matter that Natasha and Yelena both grew to hate their parents eventually since Melina and Alexi did leave them with Dreykov, who returned them to the Red Room once again. There are a few plot holes and moments within the movie that might not make sense to a lot of people, even those who have been watching the MCU religiously since it started. The pheromone trick that Dreykov employed so that none of his Widows could hurt him so long as they could smell him, that’s kind of creepy and a little out there, especially since it doesn’t sound like it would keep them from killing him with a well-placed explosive when they’re well out of the range of his scent.

Then there’s the idea that he trusts Melina and his other Widows so implicitly that it takes little to nothing for Melina to blow the Red Room out of the sky. In fact, if not for the brainwashing, which is a big part of the movie, it’s likely that Dreykov wouldn’t have survived as long as he did since one of the Widows would have eventually ended him. There are a lot of ideas in this movie that require a big leap of faith and that the audience ignores a lot of things that might otherwise not make sense. It’s a great action movie without any doubt, but it does operate on a level of belief that is kind of hard to tap into since as a superhero movie it does go above and beyond and over the top a few times, which is expected since it’s a Marvel movie and there’s nothing to say that it’s going to be anything but ridiculous at certain points.

But it’s obvious that this movie was overdue, and while it couldn’t be helped thanks to the pandemic, it’s easy to think that this movie should have already come out by the time the Avengers was off the big screen. Many people would likely agree with this, and many would gladly state that Black Widow was seen as little more than a sexy member of the Avengers for too long, but those people need to chill out just a bit. For one, when she showed up in Iron Man 2 it was evident that she had plenty of sex appeal, but it was just as evident that she was a seriously tough individual thanks to the skills she displayed. It’s amazing how folks will look at one aspect and omit the other in their ramblings at times, especially since if one goes back to the comics they’ll see that the Black Widow didn’t really change in that estimation when she came to the MCU since she was a covert operative that had a part to play, and once that part was done she was all business and ready to get into it.

There really wasn’t any sexualizing of characters in this movie and it went off just fine since there didn’t need to be. The manner in which Natasha was seen to be alluring in the Avenger movies had more to do with the mission of fitting in and gaining confidence before she was given the green light to beat the hell out of those she was tasked with observing. It was a good action movie, that’s about all that needs to be said.

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