The Funniest Ichabod Crane Moments From Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

When Fox’s Sleepy Hollow premiered, I watched the first few episodes and loved it. However, due to work, family, and frankly other TV shows that I was already invested in, I lost track of Sleepy Hollow and didn’t have the chance to catch up on the series until this past weekend. Over the course of three days, I marathoned the entire first season of the show and watched the first two episodes of season two. During my weekend marathon, I came to realize that while I love the supernatural and historical elements of Sleepy Hollow, not to mention the fantastic chemistry between leads Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, my favorite part of the show, without question, was Ichabod’s hilarious reactions to things. Mison truly embodies this 18th century soldier and he does comedy so well that anytime Ichabod learns the use of a new word or figures out how to press play or pause on a remote, I’m gasping for air because I’m laughing so hard. There’s been so many great Ichabod moments throughout Sleepy Hollow, but these are my picks for the funniest ones.

His objections to sales tax on “baked goods”

In one of Ichabod’s first ever rants, from the second episode ever of Sleepy Hollow, he hilariously states his objections to the crazy sales tax that U.S. citizens of the 21st century pay, especially on “baked goods.” He doesn’t want to try any of the donuts that Abbie bought on pure principle.

But then when he tries them…

This message he leaves for Abbie

Never has a message left on someone’s voicemail been so formal and eloquent. Give Ichabod Crane a cell phone to speak into and a minute of your time, and all of a sudden, he produces beautiful, almost poetic spoken art.

His reaction to the Christmas stocking Abbie got for him

Trying to get her partner into the holiday spirit, Abbie gives Ichabod his own Christmas stocking, and as you can see below, his confused response is priceless.

His conversation with Yolanda

In what quite possibly may be my favorite Ichabod Crane moment of all-time, Ichabod poetically talks with Northstar employee Yolanda and tries to help console her broken heart with the tragically romantic story of him and Katrina. “Farewell…Yolanda.”

When he started using today’s terms in regular conversation

The season one finale of Sleepy Hollow is a fantastic episode of television filled with some great action, shocking twists, and an amazing cliffhanger that I won’t spoil here. However, nothing put a bigger smile on my face than this moment from the finale, when Ichabod reunites with his wife Katrina and then says, “I married a witch. How…cool.” The fact that Katrina then stares at him after, utterly confused by what he means, only makes the scene better.

Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow

His rant at the Sleepy Hollow Savings and Loans

This great Sleepy Hollow scene really doesn’t need too much introduction. This is just classic Ichabod, so very in-character, as he quotes Thomas Jefferson and complains about how the customers of the bank cannot be trusted with a “single ink quill.” My favorite part, though, is when he suspiciously asks the banker if he’s also part of the wedding industry.

He’s a Gleek

Would have I ever expected Ichabod Crane to be a Glee fan? No. Did I even think he knew much about TV shows period? Not really. However, that doesn’t stop this scene from the most recent episode of Sleepy Hollow from being quite hilarious. I just can’t decide what’s better, though: the conviction with which Ichabod says he watches Glee or Abbie’s shocked reaction.

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