The Five Weirdest General Hospital Moments of 2020

The Five Weirdest General Hospital Moments of 2020

The Five Weirdest General Hospital Moments of 2020

General Hospital fans know a thing or two about seeing strange things happen, but some are just plain weirder than others. Or are they? Is it considered weird in Port Charles when it’s the kind of situation that happens all the time? Do we consider switched personalities and multiple kidnappings and hostage situations with the same people weird anymore? We aren’t even sure at this point. We do know this, however; 2020 has been a year filled with weird and strange things, and we aren’t even talking about the ‘rona and the stuff it’s done to so many people living in a continuous lockdown. We are talking about Port Charles’ own strange situations, and we thought we’d choose our strangest of the year. Feel free to chime in if you feel there are others that are just plain weird.

Alexis’ Drinking

We just find it weird that during a year when so many people are going through some very tough times, they’ve been isolated from their families and are too scared to see them, when they are stuck at home, lonely and afraid and so many are turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism that the show would go here at all. Alexis has been an alcoholic for years. She’s been recovering for a very long time, and we just find it in poor taste that they’d make it a situation this year. She shouldn’t be drinking. She shouldn’t go back down the road of addiction. It’s a difficult year, and making this a storyline is not a good idea. It’s weird, and we hope that they turn it around quickly and make it a situation that’s more like recovery and good news.

Nikolas and Ava’s Chemistry

Honestly, though; it’s weird. They have so much chemistry together, and it’s just weird. We literally have nothing else to say about it. That’s all. He came back from the dead. They got married to save his fortune. She’s had a rough few years. He’s been ‘dead’ for a few years. It’s all too much. Now they are back, they don’t like one another, and yet they have more chemistry than just about anyone else on the show. It’s a lot to take in, and it’s just weird. It’s not that we like it or that we don’t like it. It’s just a strange feeling.

Maxie Getting Pregnant

It’s weird because this keeps happening to her. She was finally pregnant with her husband, Nathan, only to find out he was killed. She was pregnant and alone, and she ended up giving birth to a premature son outside the Nurse’s Ball with the help of Peter, who ended up being the baby’s uncle and her late husband’s half-brother. She then went on to form a relationship with Peter that isn’t so good. He lies…a lot. He hides things from her, he doesn’t share the truth, and he is always up to something that is less than stellar. He’s not such a great guy. Of course, as she continues to feel suspicious of him, she finds out she is having a baby with him. Things are no longer going well between them. It’s just weird to us that the show cannot even give her a happy pregnancy, ever, after all she’s been through. It’s weird. She’s a long-time character, and she’s the one who cannot ever catch a break.

Alex Showing Up After All This Time

When Alex shows up, we know something is going to go awry. However, she’s really caused some weird storylines this year. We aren’t sure we like it or get it. She’s here to try and kill her twin because she’s made a mess of her own life. Nothing weird about that after all these years. However, we find it weird that after all this time of finally bonding and becoming close, Peter and Anna have to face the fact that she is not his mother because her evil twin’s memories were in her brain and it was Alex who gave birth to this young man and is his mother. Peter is a man with a lot of issues, and this is not helping. We think it’s weird they’re not even trying to give him a break and maybe make it possible for him to find some normalcy what with a baby on the way and all.

Julian Trying to Mend Fences

Julian never cares what anyone thinks of him. He knew the entire time that the baby his son and his son-in-law were raising was not their baby. He’s known since day one that Nelle gave birth following the accident, that the baby Brad and Lucas adopted had passed, and that Nelle traded and told everyone her own baby died at birth just so she could deny Michael the right to be a father. Then he works with Nelle when everyone finds out the truth, then he turns on her and tries to work with Sonny? Now he’s making amends in some areas of his life, but are we sure that is what he is doing? We have our doubts, but it doesn’t work for us that he suddenly decided to stop working with Nelle and foil her plans to do what she was going to do with her son. But, we know that Julian often does weird things, so perhaps it’s not the weirdest.

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