The Five Shortest Young and the Restless Marriages

The Five Shortest Young and the Restless Marriages

Young and the Restless fans see so many marriages around Genoa City. Some of them happen between the same people time and time again. Others happen with other people. Some happen without any warning, and some happen until the moment they just decide it’s not going to happen. And some actually happen, but they don’t last all that long. Some marriages around here are over before they begin, but they are official for at least a little while. Did you ever wonder who has the shortest marriages on record around here? We did, and we have the answers for you right now.

Mackenzie and Billy — Hours

Remember that time they thought it would be a wonderful and beautiful idea to get married? It was not a bad one at all, but it was a situation in which they didn’t think things through a head of time. Not that they had any indication what might happen to them in the meantime. But, they decided to get married. They both grabbed their best friends, they went to the chapel, and they did it. And then, that night, they undid it with an annulment. The same day they vowed to love one another for the rest of their lives, they decided it would not work out. But, we cannot blame them. It was the same night that they found out that Katherine Chancellor, Billy’s mother, is also Jill’s mom, so they are, in fact, now cousins.

Sharon and Victor — Days

They were a weird pair if ever there was a weird pair, and they were married twice in the same year. Apparently, she wanted to be sure she married all the Newman men at some point in her life. She was Nick’s longtime love and wife for years, she then divorced him and married his brother, Adam, and then she divorced him and she married their father. Two times. Both were short, but their first marriage that year was only a few days long before they decided it was not going to work. We could have told them that, to be quite honest.

Sabrina and Victor — One month

He’s a creepy old man, if we are being honest. Back in 2008, he fell for his daughter’s best friend, Sabrina. She was so young, he was with Nicki, and he made a decision to end things with her and be with his daughter’s friend — because that’s not entirely disgusting or anything. But, that didn’t work out for him. They were very much in love, they got married, and then she was killed in an accident a month after their wedding. It was not happily ever after for them, but he did end up back with his wife. More than once. And with a few other women in between, of course. But, it was a short marriage.

Nikki and Jack — 3 months

They got married once, and it didn’t last long. She’s been married 8 or more times — we lose count — and she’s never really made it work. We suppose you could say she and Victor work, but that’s only because they keep coming back to one another and they haven’t divorced this time, honestly. They were married for a quick three months. They were not in a good place after their wedding when she had the realization that she just wanted to be back with Victor. That doesn’t make for a happy marriage to Jack.

Nikki and David — 3 months

Of her many marriages, most of them are shorter than they are longer. She was married to David Chow for a very short three months back in the 2008 season. She married him because he was a man who decided to marry rich women for sport. They all ended up dead, he left town, started over elsewhere, and did it all again. She didn’t know, and it almost happened to her. However, she ended up being able to kick him out so that he couldn’t do it to her. He had other plans for her, but a car accident took his life and he was not a problem in her life anymore after that. Did Victor make this happen? We’ve always wondered that one.

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