The Five Saddest Days of Our Lives Moments of 2020

The Five Saddest Days of Our Lives Moments of 2020

The Five Saddest Days of Our Lives Moments of 2020

Sadness is something that everyone is familiar with on Days of Our Lives. Fans have been sad for years watching the show and all that they bring to the table in terms of everyone’s favorite characters. This has been a particularly sad year with everything that’s been going on in Salem. It’s been a year of sadness and defeat for so many people, but some moments stand out more than others. The writers never fail to make us feel as if things could not be any darker just before they, in fact, become so much darker. We’d love to share our saddest moments of the year from Salem with you, but we’d also love to hear which moments you’ve found even sadder than the rest.

Jack’s Betrayal

We aren’t going to talk about how Jack feels right now after he slept with another woman – one time – while his wife was in a coma for months. It’s Jen who makes us sad. Her heart hurts. She wants to forgive him and move on, but she’s not sure she can. He was with another woman while she was on her death bed in a coma. She cannot get over the way that makes her feel, but it also makes us feel as if things won’t work out for her. She’s so sad about all of it, and it’s just a wreck. We hurt for her.

Ciara’s Death

Was there ever a sadder and more depressing moment than the moment she and her beloved Ben were married and then she died? It was a horrible moment. The moment that was meant to be the happiest in their lives ended up being the most depressing and horrific. The look on Ben’s face when he realized she was gone in the explosion was nothing short of pure heartbreak and misery. We hurt so hard for him, and we aren’t sure we will ever get over it ourselves.

Maggie’s Confession

When she realized it was her driving the car that killed a baby and made everyone’s lives a total mess, she couldn’t handle it. She had a kid in jail for causing the accident who didn’t. She killed the unborn baby of her granddaughter. She made a mess of everything with the accident, and her husband covered for her. When she found out what she did, she could not live with herself. Watching her take the lead and make it right was such a moment. Such a pivotal moment. She did the right thing, but it was crushing watching this happen to a woman who was so strong and just fell back into a terrible addiction she could not control.

Eric’s Loss

Eric lost everything in on fell swoop. He didn’t know for many months that the baby Sarah had was his baby. She didn’t tell him. She robbed him of an entire pregnancy, the birth of her baby, and everything that mattered to him. She robbed him of her baby’s firsts and all that comes with birth and becoming a parent. She only came out with the truth when someone else discovered it, and by then her baby was facing a potentially life-threatening health situation, the love of his life had lied to him about the baby when she found out about it, and then it was all taken from him again when it came out that his baby actually died at birth and this baby was switched to give to him and to Sarah when it actually belonged to Kristin and Brady. His entire loss was bigger than anyone ever imagined.

Kayla and Steve’s Reunion

This is sad for us because of so many things. For the fact that he’s been gone for so long, her sure she would never see him again. When he came back, he was really not in a good place, but no one knew it was because his brain was a wreck about the fact that he was working as Stefano. And, then there was the moment when Kayla had to save his life by removing the implanted chip from his brain. It was touch and go. He told her he loves her, she couldn’t say it back, and she went to get married. She cancelled the wedding, leaving her groom at the altar, and then the got back together. But, it was only for a moment when the idea of his son being the man who caused a pregnancy via rape and his ex who their son went to prison for killing is back in town. It’s been a sad year for this couple.

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