The Five Most Annoying Kid’s Show Plot Holes of the 80s

Be honest, if you were a kid in 80s you didn’t worry about plot holes in your cartoons. But now that a lot of us are grown up and have kids of our we tend to look at things differently and start wondering if perhaps the cartoons we were watching didn’t have a few gaping holes that could have a semi-truck driven through them with room to spare. Let’s be realistic and say that it doesn’t matter since kids are going to enjoy cartoons whether they make sense or not and even as adults we can admit that we still enjoyed and possibly still enjoy these classic stories, but there is something to think about just for fun when you get the idea that there was never any solid explanation of how or why certain things happened since they were rarely, if ever, brought up in the manner that Buzzfeed and Pinterest tend to focus on. Seriously, kids didn’t care then and they likely don’t care now, though there will always be those kids that are a little more concerned with the details and aren’t quite as distracted by the story.

Here are just a few interesting plot holes from 80s cartoons that might make you think.

5. Where the heck did Baby Smurf come from?

Really, this one kind of goes there in a way that makes it hard to think that Smurfette wasn’t getting busy with at least one of the Smurfs in the village, since we didn’t know about the other faction of Smurfs at this point, at least not in anything but theory. Some people might have thought that Smurfs were creatures that just appeared like the kids in the Cabbage Patch Kids, but it was likely best that we didn’t leap to any huge conclusions with this one since it would have likely tarnished Smurfette’s otherwise charming personality and reputation given that she was the only female in a village full of guys. Try explaining that to a kid without feeling just a slight twinge of unease, just try.

4. How did no one know that He-Man and Prince Adam were the same person?

When it comes to alter egos and hidden identities it’s hard to get any more obvious than Superman and Clark Kent, but then we get to He-Man and realize that some people didn’t realize that he and Prince Adam were one and the same. Try to process that for a moment, the guy did a wardrobe change, never covered his face, and might have become a little more tan and had slight change to the color of his hair, but people didn’t know who he was. That kind of falls out of the realm of feasibility and even past gullibility right into the ‘WTF are you kidding me’ zone. It’s best not to dwell on it since obviously this could cause someone’s brain to short-circuit, so let’s move on.

3. How did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles afford their pizza?

They’re heroes on the half shell to be certain, but when you factor in the idea that they might have needed to find some sort of way to bankroll their pizza consumption it’s hard to believe that April O’Neil footed the bill all the time, or that Casey Jones would have chipped in regularly. So how in the world did they pay for it? Thinking that they robbed bad guys might be a decent idea, but then it really wouldn’t make them much better, unless of course Donatello could come up with some sort of internet service or app or something that might have generated cash flow. Of course back in the 80s such a thing wasn’t nearly as possible yet, and people still wanted to know who they were working with.

2. Why in the world was there a Grumpy Bear on Care Bears?

Doesn’t that kind of defeat the whole point of being a Care Bear if you’re always grumpy? It makes sense to balance things out in the Seven Dwarves to be certain, but if a group’s entire message is to be positive and uplifting, who in the world is going to call for someone that’s going to be a continual downer? This might be inclusive behavior at its most confusing since really the best thing that Grumpy’s rain clouds might be used for would be to put out a fire. But then he could have been the poster child for ‘don’t be like me’ that the Care Bears toted around from time to time, their own built-in cautionary tale. Wow, that’s grim.

1. Where were the Muppet Babies’ parents?

Seriously, where are their parents? Did they live in an orphanage? Is Nanny a caretaker and foster parent at the same time? There’s almost no explanation of this in the 80s since really all we ever got to see most of the time were the adventures of the babies as they went on their imagination-fueled quests and never, ever went home. It makes one think that this place was their home and that we were under the illusion that they left occasionally only to come back.

Like I said, it kind of ruins the whole idea of it if you dive too deeply into the logic.

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