The Five Best Songs from the Grease Soundtrack

There classics and then there are CLASSICS. Grease is one of the many movies that people love no matter that it does get a little campy here and there. It’s simply a part of American culture no matter how you look at it since it’s something that was allowed to be kind of goofy but meaningful at the same time as it went down roads that a lot of American teenagers know too well and created a huge buzz throughout its own era and even now. Think about it this way, Grease introduced a few actors and highlighted the careers of others in a way that kind of immortalized them in a way and created characters that most people have never forgotten about even now. When even new generations that didn’t have the chance to grow up in the same time period when this film was released have come to love it then you know that the creator did something right.

Plus, just a few of the best songs from this movie are enough to stick in your head and never let you forget it.

5. Beauty School Drop-Out

A lot of people need to remember that these were different days when the term drop-out wasn’t taken to mean that the kid could still do a lot with her life. It wasn’t a term of endearment meaning that their future was still bright. But the way it was presented made it seem as though things weren’t all bad but that there was still something to be desired if she really wanted it. Also back in the day beauty school was something that was still something of a more respectable job that some young women thought was worthwhile. It’s still that way to be honest but at the same time it’s hard to think of as being a ticket to easy street.

4. Summer Nights

You know the saying that a gentleman never tells? Well the guys in this movie don’t really count as gentlemen most times since they seem to gossip worse than the women at times and are definitely more riled up than a pack of wild dogs chasing a bone. But the women don’t seem much better except for a few of them that want to hear something romantic rather than sordid and dirty. Of course women can be every bit as bad as men when it comes time to tell a story of how they managed to hook up over the summer and get up to who knows what on a lonely stretch of beach somewhere.

3. Born to Hand Jive

Hands up, who had to learn how to hand jive after watching this movie in school? It wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that at least some of you did since it seemed to be the popular thing to do with some teachers who were able to enjoy this movie when they were younger. But if you’ve ever had to shimmy and shake up and down the classroom while doing this dance and listening to the music then you might have had some fun or been mortified since it is a pretty easy dance to get down but like many dances it’s better if the rest of the class is doing it so you don’t look like kind of a spaz.

2. Greased Lightnin’

Guys and cars have gone together for a long, long time now, and when a group of guys gets into a car that could be made into something unique and more than a little special it’s an experience that many guys don’t ever forget. In fact if you can recall watching the show Home Improvement you might remember that Tim did a segment on the show that featured this song. Of course guys and cars are a thing, it’s been that way since our fathers and grandfathers were still young and it’s not bound to change. But these days a lot of women have gotten in on the enjoyment and have found out just why it’s so addictive to pop the hood and get to work.

1. The One That I Want

It’s funny but after all the back and forth, wondering what they have to do to get each other’s attention, and trying on different personas even, the two main characters finally found common ground right where Danny was most comfortable, and where Sandy finally felt like she could be herself. Sometimes you’ve got to be at least a little bad in order to find the good in someone and to fully enjoy those people you want most in your life. The entire movie was something that felt like it was one giant pit of frustration just waiting to boil over at times, but by the end everything had finally panned out.

Like I said, it’s a classic.

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