The Five Best Kevin Kline Movies of His Career

The Five Best Kevin Kline Movies of His Career

The Five Best Kevin Kline Movies of His Career

Here’s something interesting about Kevin Kline that a lot of people have figured out but a lot of people still don’t know about. He can be every bit as inspiring as he is funny and people absolutely love it. He’s a walking grab bag of emotions when it comes to how he can pull them out of any audience member since he’s shown that he can be humorous, melancholy, serious, hilarious, and just basically off the wall when he needs to be. Kline is one of the few that can turn the switch on and off when he needs to and adjust his moods and his acting to whatever project he happens to be on at the moment. These days since he’s getting on in years he definitely takes a more reserved approach than he used to, but he’s no less effective when he’s on screen since he can convince just about anyone why he’s one of the absolute best in the business.

Here are five of his best movies.

5. Cry Freedom

While apartheid is just one of many ways that people have been divided over the years this movie took into account the life of one man that was trying to make a difference and the journalist that was doing his best to make his efforts be seen. The danger and downfall in this however is that trying to upset the status quo, while important, is that one has to remember that the status quo got where they are for a few reasons, and not all of them are positive. During the course of the film the activist that is trying to make a change perishes while in police custody and as the journalist attempts to bring this to light he too finds the same government trying to silence him.

4. The Big Chill

It’s interesting how it takes something like the death of a friend to bring people together after so long. But of course once they come together it’s quickly realized just how much everyone has changed since college and how life hasn’t been the bowl of peaches for everyone as it has for others. But the whole idea of spending time with friends and being in a group where you know that you’re accepted if not always fully appreciated is a comfort that many wouldn’t want to give up since it’s almost like coming home in a way, you have people that want to see you and will gladly take you in when you need it.

3. The Emperor’s Club

No teacher is ever going to reach every last student that crosses their line of sight. It’s an impossible task that is made this way by freedom of choice and the idea that the world is a much different place outside the classroom than within it. Professor Hundert however is a man of principles and he wants his students to know, if nothing else, that walking out of his door with the idea that the world will continually reward dishonesty is not a worthwhile cause or belief. For all his teachings however there is at least one student that he regrets losing his faith in, but there are so many more that managed to follow his example.

2. Dave

When the president of the United States suffers a stroke during an affair with one of his staffers Dave, who looks just like the president, is brought in to fill the POTUS’ shoes until such time as other arrangements can be made. The fun thing about this is that he makes so many good moves for the country that it could actually inspire the same thing to happen in real life, but of course reality is a little more complicated than the movies. All in all though Dave does make a lot of great decisions that are embraced by the people and actually make the president a popular guy again after a rather tumultuous run.

1. A Fish Called Wanda

Otto is quite honestly one of the worst people that Kline has ever had to play. Oh no, don’t get that wrong, he’s a great character, but as an individual he’s perhaps one of the meanest and nastiest characters around since he’s completely jealous of anyone that so much looks at Wanda, he’s completely prejudiced against the English, and he’ll gladly harm anyone that gets in his way simply because he can. He’s actually kind of an interesting character as well since he does have something of a thrilling back story, but when it comes to who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy in this story there’s not much doubt that out of all of them that Otto is the worst. After all, what kind of man eats another man’s pet fish while he’s watching?

Kline can do it all for the most part.

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