The Five Best Christopher Walken Movies of His Career

I got a fever, the only prescription is more Christopher Walken! Okay that was kind of lame but it sounded like a decent intro in my head. That being said this guy is one of the most interesting actors to ever come out of Hollywood not just for his manner of talking but for his acting ability as well. If you watch very closely in each film he’s got roughly the same mannerisms and the same look but it changes just enough to be worthy of the character he’s playing. Christopher has certainly been in a few films that weren’t that great, but he’s played it up to the point that his part was solid and was able to be called something special even if the rest of the movie wasn’t much to look at. If nothing else, he’s almost always been on point and has done what he needed to do in order to nail his character without fault.

Here are a few of the best movies of his career.

5. Suicide Kings

A retired mob boss with enough pull in organized crime is someone you don’t want to mess with since this guy is regarded by those around him and those that work with him as their boss and leader, someone they would gladly kill for if he only asked them to do so. That being said the intelligence of the band of young men that take him hostage and cut off his finger is really put into question when it turns out that their plan wasn’t all that well thought out. What’s even worse is that one of them is behind the whole kidnapping that precipitated the abduction of the mob boss and had no idea how fast things could go south.

4. Catch Me If You Can

You know the problem with being a con artist? You have to keep moving continuously or eventually your lies will be found out as the people you stick around for a prolonged period of time might start digging, thereby finding out that the past you’ve told them about is nothing but smoke and a few well-placed mirrors. The moment a con man stops is the moment he gets discovered, outed, and possibly killed depending on the people he’s conned. Frank Abignale Jr. learned a little too much from his father when it came to the addiction of the con, and in this movie he simply couldn’t stop, no matter how much he might have wanted to.

3. The Dead Zone

You could call it a gift or a curse to know the future, though some might call it neither since it seems more like a side effect of having been clinically dead for a period of time. But when Johnny develops the ability to read a person’s future by touching them he’s rightfully frightened, but eventually comes to realize that the future is only what he sees, it isn’t fated to happen if someone decides to intervene. When one of the worst men in the world decides to run for president Johnny reads his mind and his intent through a handshake, and he knows what he has to do in order to prevent things from getting out of control.

2. King of New York

It’s one thing to be a made man, but it’s another to walk around with complete impunity and do whatever you want, at least until the law shows up. Frank is a man that has some morals but chooses when and where to use them. When he starts taking out prominent drug dealers the law does notice and starts to lean into him, but they can only go so far without witnesses. Once one is found however they go after him with a vengeance and begin to dismantle his entire operation. He might get them all in the end but the one thing Frank can’t do is evade that final and very fitting end that he meets at the film’s close.

1. The Deer Hunter

When a group of friends enlist and are taken off to Vietnam they discover that the things they once thought made sense only exist back home in the lives they led before their term of service. Upon returning home only one of them is still upwardly mobile and able to function as a human being, while one of them doesn’t even go home, deciding to stay and compete in the Russian Roulette games that go on in the back alleys and are bet on by crowds of onlookers just waiting to see who gets the final bullet. It’s at this point that we realize that Walken’s character has been broken by all he’s seen and done, and the only way out is that final click of the chamber.

Christopher Walken is that scary kind of great that you love to watch but don’t know if you should get close to.

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