The Five Best Charlie Daniels Songs of All-Time

The Five Best Charlie Daniels Songs of All-Time

Charlie Daniels is a man that was raised on music and didn’t see many other paths when he graduated high school in the 50s. To a lot of us that were born in the 70s or later his songs have become something of a hallmark of a time when music was more about storytelling and less about the money as far as the fans were concerned. Even today however he remains as one of the premier musicians that people still love to hear about and listen to. His brand of music has always been seen as the quick-moving sort that’s apt to get you on your feet and make you want to move about the dance floor until your feet can’t carry you any longer, but is also able to allow you to have fun while you’re doing it. Throughout his career he’s been lauded as one of the greatest of his time and for good reason.

Here are five of the best of his songs from his long and successful career.

5. The South is Gonna Do It Again

One thing you might want to remember when going down south is never let on that you’re from the north. People know it by your accent and your mannerisms, but so long as you’re polite and well-mannered most folks will get along with you just fine. The south however tends to remember the old days and what life was like no matter how bad it might have been in some cases or how much of a problem some folks have with the old days. One thing you don’t ever do however is badmouth the south in any way since unlike those in the north it’s highly possible that someone might take offense in the south.

4. Uneasy Rider

The slick, quick-moving sound of a Charlie Daniels song is something that a lot of people have enjoyed for years on end for the story and the manner in which it’s told. There’s some quality to a storyteller that can sing that a lot of people enjoy and a lot of it has to do with the love that people have for music. It does help when the story is engaging enough that it allows people to just dive into it without thinking too much. The music becomes either a pleasing backdrop or an accompanying sound that comes in when it’s needed and pushes the story along as needs be. Daniels has always been great at this.

3. Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye

The fun thing about Charlie Daniels and his band is that they don’t feel strictly like one thing or the other. There’s no doubt of the country element and the rock element within the music, but both are integrated in such a way that it’s almost impossible to separate them and keep the same effect. He managed to create such a great sound that people wanted to hear it again and again as he helped to revolutionize the industry by becoming someone that was kind of hard to categorize when it came to his music. That’s one of the best ways to establish yourself in any business, but it can be a challenge as well.

2. Long Haired Country Boy

Charlie can bust out the country like no one’s business as well. He has that down home twang in his voice that is hard to miss, plus the fact that he can play multiple instruments really gives him an edge over a lot of people when it comes to performing. The fact that he’s been around for so long has to do with the fact that people like him and the kind of music he brings and have been asking for him again and again throughout the decades. What’s really impressive about his career is that as people have been coming and going throughout the years he’s stayed mostly the same and people haven’t asked him to change all that much.

1. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

This is of course the song that a lot of people know Charlie by and the one that a mass number of people have come to enjoy whenever they hear the intro. In movies, TV, and just on the radio whenever it’s given the chance this song electrifies just about whoever listens to it. The fiddling in this track is amazing to the point of being hypnotic and if you’ve ever seen people line-dancing to the song then you’d know just how popular it really is. Quite honestly it’s the one song that many people just get up and boogie to since it’s that much fun and there’s no need to be shy when enjoying it to the fullest.

Charlie Daniels is a legend without a doubt, and his songs throughout the years have helped to maintain that standing.

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