The Five Best Britney Spears Songs of the 90s

Remember back in the 90s when Britney Spears took off like a rocket? Her career hit a definite high point as she came out and was instantly everyone’s favorite girl next door, singing about things that teenagers seem to think were vastly important and older individuals just rolled their eyes at sometimes when it came to the real understanding of life and all that went with it. Of course discounting what teenagers think is another part of being an adult, but the truth of it is that Spears was an icon to many that listened to her music and in some ways she still is. She would go on to fame and fortune after her initial album came out and is still highly revered by many, but the 90s seems to be when her songs were given the most reception since she was new to the game, fresh-faced, and hadn’t yet allowed fame and her fans to put her up on the pedestal that would eventually end up costing her a great deal.

Here  are five of her best songs from the 90s.

5. The Beat Goes On

This popular song made famous by Sonny and Cher years before Britney came on the scene is probably one of her least-known tracks since others have taken the spotlight and made her the megastar she came to be. You can’t blame artists for wanting to either pay homage to or try out one another’s songs to see if they can make it sound any different or perhaps even improve on the sound and give it a different feel for their era. While her voice and the tempo of the song make it sound updated and even catchy it’s still kind of hard to get into if you’ve ever heard the original version, but it’s still a fun track.

4. Soda Pop!!

This was used for Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it’s a very jumpy, bubbly song that kind of seemed out of place with the rest of them since it featured an accompaniment that wasn’t really seen in the rest of the album. To be honest it was a distraction from the rest of her music but in a pleasant way since it made a nice little segue into something else and then allowed the listener to go back and enjoy her other tracks. It’s a good dancing song to be certain since it moves just right and has all the qualities that are needed to make it light, fun, and fully capable of capturing and keeping a person’s attention.

3. Born to Make You Happy

This is one of the most touching songs on the album since it’s not challenging, it’s not bubbly or light, and it carries a lot of emotional weight while still being smooth enough to allow the listener to get into it without weeping heavily as they think about who they’ve lost in their life or how much people around them mean to them. It does kind of sound like something a teenager or an emotionally-driven person would write to another in their lives that they simply can’t live without, meaning that it could sound a bit clingy depending on a person’s perceptions, but all the same it’s still a nice and comforting song.

2. (You Drive Me) Crazy

You could say this was one of her hit songs that came right after the track that fit neatly into the number one slot. People have been singing along with Britney for almost two decades now and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop since her music is now a part of our nostalgic past that people still love to talk about and experience through listening to her music. One thing about it though is that you can’t really be honest and state that you’ve never hummed a few bars of any of her songs. It’s just not possible since if you’ve heard them at all you’ll come to like at least one of them, at least a part of it.

1. ….Baby One More Time

Does anyone remember that this song sparked a bit of controversy? It wasn’t just the way she was dressed, it was the lyrics as well since people went out of their minds when they thought that she was asking to be struck. Yes, being literal-minded has not gone fully out of style, not even now, but thankfully the controversy about this song and its accompanying video died down pretty quickly. There was also a problem that some people had with her style of dress and the fact that she was still a teenager, as it seemed way too provocative for the time. But it was the 90s, being provocative was the whole point sometimes.

She might not have the same level of fame she once did but Britney Spears is still considered one of the greatest singers of the 90s and is still popular in the modern era.

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