The Expendables 4 Fan Trailer Features Keanu Reeves

If you’re on board with this then it’d be wise to at least thank Billy Crammer for putting it together since despite knowing that it’s not bound to happen, this fan-made trailer still looks absolutely awesome and would likely be an action orgasm waiting to happen since some of the top and most celebrated action stars were on that list. Maybe Tom Cruise and a couple others were left off, but if you start cramming every big action star into The Expendables 4 then it’s likely that most of the movie will be credits and very little else. But thinking about it this way, the new bunch that were introduced in Expandables 3 might not make it back, though it’d be interesting to see Ronda Rousey come back to the fold, or maybe Michelle Rodriguez or even Gina Carano. But Clint Eastwood, Keanu Reeves, Vin Diesel, Liam Neeson, Danny Trejo, huh boy, that’d be enough to get the blood pumping and the heart racing as each one of them came on the screen to deliver some of their best lines. It’d be likely that Eastwood would come in to fill the same kind of role that Harrison Ford did in the third movie since at this point he’s a bit old to go too heavy on the action bits, but Neeson could still bang if he was up for it. Let’s not forget Jackie Chan, who’s already proven so many times that he’s still got it and is still highly entertaining, and could possibly be a replacement if Jet Li didn’t want to come back.

Dwayne Johnson would be a big name to bring in, and bringing Stallone and Statham back would be absolutely necessary. Bringing Lundgren Couture, Banderas, Crews, and even Snipes back might be an option, but again, adding in too many names would star to confuse things since it wouldn’t just be a star-studded cast, it’d likely be one of the most expensive movies made in recent times since few of these actors are low-budget material. There are names that wouldn’t need to be considered such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Liam Hemsworth, Scott Adkins, or even Mel Gibson, since their characters were all killed at some point in the movies. Steve Austin and Eric Roberts bit the dust in the first movie so they’re out, but there are a lot of other names that might be added to the list if a person is being entirely honest, as you can imagine that John Cena might even be a consideration, and Schwarzenegger might even want to come back for a cameo. There are just too many action stars to consider, so paring them down is kind of necessary, but the group selected for this video was absolutely great since together they comprise some of the most entertaining and hard-hitting characters that the audience has ever seen. And imagine John Wick joining the Expendables, just think about it. Granted, it’s not likely that this would happen but if such a thing ever did it would be insane since as a group their body count might rise exponentially given that for all the people the team has killed, John Wick probably isn’t too far behind, and might even be well ahead. Well, maybe not, but Joey Paur of GeekTyrant does have the total number of kills that Wick has made.

There’s also not a lot of difference between the Expendables and John Wick since they’re both hired out to take care of various problems, though the Expendables do rely a lot on teamwork while John is a one-man show. He’s had help in the past of course, but when it comes to getting the job done he’s usually just fine being on his own. As far as being a part of a team though we’re going to get a chance to see just how well John works with others in the coming John Wick 4 since he’ll need to ally with the Bowery King and his people to get back at the High Table and possibly at Winston. Imagine if he had the Expendables on his side, no matter how silly and over the top it would be. If Keanu was to join up with the Expendables, and it’s not much of a possibility unfortunately unless a miracle happens, it’d be as someone else, not John Wick. Still, given his popularity at this point it might not matter since Reeves has been riding high since John Wick became a popular name and property.

Putting in such names as Neeson and Eastwood though would indicate that Barney and his crew would be sanctioned to go after some of the worst bad guys around yet again, and one would have to wonder just who they’d be going up against. Can you imagine a fight between Barney and Dwayne Johnson, or how about Statham vs. Chan? That’d be more than worth the price of a ticket.

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