The Carrie Diaries 1.13 ‘Kiss Yesterday Goodbye’ Recap

Kiss Yesterday GoodbyeIn the season finale of The Carrie Diaries, Carrie and her friends are facing all new truths and consequences.

Carrie is still struggling from her break-up with Sebastian. They’re exchanging longing looks while passing in the hallways at school and Carrie has admitted to herself that she has no one else to blame for her pain. She even has Maggie and Mouse trying to convince her that she’s better off. Though, all of them know that’s not the case. But apparently Carrie isn’t the only one struggling. Sebastian misses Carrie and makes the bold move of coming by to apologize for letting her break up with him. They both do some additional, swoony, so sweet apologizing and before you know it, Carrie has dropped those three magic words and they’re kissing again. It’s about time!

Everything in Carrie’s romantic world is happy again. Prom plans are being made. After Prom plans are being contemplated. Right up until Maggie lets it slip that she and Sebastian might have a secret Carrie doesn’t know about. That time they saw Tom sucking face with a woman in his car. Carrie is not at all okay with Sebastian keeping things from her. Even if he had her very best interest at heart. Are they just too different to make it work? Carrie thinks so. Sebastian wants to fight for them but love hurts and Carrie doesn’t want that pain. So they break up. Again.

The truth about Tom isn’t the only truth bombshell Sebastian is dropping. When he confronts Maggie about spilling the beans to Carrie, she has a bit of a breakdown, wondering why the men in her life don’t want her. Sebastian explains to her that Walt was never going to love Maggie the way she wanted, because Walt is gay. Maggie is more than upset about this revelation and runs to scream at Walt about how betrayed she feels by his secret.

With everything going on, Walt and Carrie are spending Prom night in the city, far away from their problems.Walt’s actually taking his secret being out pretty well, despite fighting with Maggie. He even feels terrible for keeping it from Maggie as long as he did. But He’s ready to admit it to himself, which Bennet says is the first, very brave step. Bennet has a lot of good advice for Walt. And despite Walt’s kiss, for now, that is all Bennet has for him. Walt is only 17 and Bennet doesn’t want to feel like he’s taking advantage. So, for now, they will remain only friends. And I think Walt is really lucky to have a friend like him.

Advice is everywhere in Larissa’s loft where Carrie is getting some from the lady herself. Carrie needs a challenging man like Sebastian. A man who understands her and makes her look at herself. With this realization, Carrie rushes to tell him the good news. She wants to be with him. Even if it isn’t always easy. He’s obviously struggling with something and tells Carrie that it’s not the right time for sex, but she is more than happy to spend the night, snuggled in his arms. Knowing what we know, my heart is broken for the two of them.

While Carrie was getting life advice from Larissa, Sebastian wasn’t home alone on Prom night. He had run in to Maggie who is reeling from seeing Simon with his fiancé, learning Walt’s secret and causing a fight between Sebastian and Carrie. Sebastian isn’t in a great place either and they both make a giant mistake, kissing at the bar. Maggie comes clean to Carrie but Carrie doesn’t want to hear her excuses or her drama. Carrie doesn’t want anything more from Maggie or from Sebastian. I really can’t blame her. It’s a heart crushing situation.

Kiss Yesterday GoodbyeCarrie isn’t the only Bradshaw girl with a romantic life. She is spending more time with Miller and wanting to get passed losing her virginity. Miller doesn’t want her to rush, though. He wants to make it special for her. And when he sets it up just right, Dorrit bursts into tears! Thankfully, it was just a rush of pure emotion and she’s ready to be with Miller in every sense. It’s so incredible to see Dorrit so happy and at peace for the first time since meeting her. At peace enough to be a real sister to a hurting Carrie. She is just so lovely.

Mouse is struggling with telling her racist parents that she’s dating West. It’s incredibly important to them that Mouse only dates someone from the same royal bloodline she comes from. Because of that she is forced to go to Prom with a much younger son of their friends. Who reveals that neither of their families are royalty at all. Mouse takes the opportunity to come clean with her parents about West. It’s such a brave thing for Mouse to do and I hope that it will mean happiness for her going forward.

Tom is still seeing Deb and struggling with whether or not to tell his daughters that he is dating so soon after their mother has passed away. After Sebastian & Maggie let drop the secret of seeing him making out in the car, though, Carrie is on to his ruse of going to the gym every time he leaves to see her. And at first she really isn’t happy about it, asking him to spend more time at home. She comes around, though. As long as Tom doesn’t bring “the gym” home. Carrie isn’t ready to meet “the gym” just yet.

With no boyfriend at home and her dad and sister otherwise occupied, Carrie will be spending the summer in New York with Walt, living in Larissa’s loft and working full time at Interview. It’s the perfect way to move forward and try to get over her pain, even if the emotional scars will never disappear. Hopefully we’ll find out just how much she has grown in Season two (still unannounced).

– Tom wearing Drakkar Noir is hilarious. I can’t even explain why. It just is.

– I am dying to know if Maggie and Sebastian only kissed or if there was something more. It’s wrong either way. But please let it only be the kiss!

– How great was it to hear Bennet mention Stanford?? Yay SATC!

– The music in this episode could not have been better. John Waite’s “Missing You,” “Suddenly Last Summer,” by The Motels, “What is Love,” by Howard Jones, the PERFECT “Heaven,” by Bryan Adams and all capped off with the amazing Bananarama song, “Cruel Summer.”

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