The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas is a Murder Suspect

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are wondering a little bit about Shauna. She is actually horrified, and we mean beyond horrified, that both Ridge and Brooke are out to get her daughter and make sure that she gets every single thing she deserves after what she did to their families. They cannot believe she did this, and the hurt and the pain and the horrible situation she caused in not one but two families, and they are not going to let her just walk away from this. She’s a kidnapper and an extortionist, and she is awful. And her mother cannot believe they would do this to her, as if they should just ignore the fact that she stole Hope’s baby and sold it to Steffy as her own baby. That’ not something you just let go, of course. But, that’s not all there is to it. There is nothing about them that seems like a good thing.

Of course, we also know that there is a lot going on that we cannot handle in any capacity. We know that there is nothing she can do to help things along, but we do think that Flo is going to end up on the winning end of things. Wyatt, after all, still has conflicted feelings about her, and we don’t get that. He was QUICK to let Sally go for keeping Thomas’ secret about being in love with Hope, but he’s okay with wanting to work things out with Flo who kidnapped Hope’s baby and lied about her being dead? It makes us think really long and hard about our feelings for Wyatt. That is not something we think should allow him to keep any feelings. That is something that should have turned any good feelings about her off in a second. What’s happening?

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

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What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas is going to be something of a problem for many people. There are so many people who don’t like him in the moment, but he is not sure he is going to be able to get away with things. He is going to be the lead and prime suspect in the death of Emma, which many people have suspected for some time now. He’s been in big trouble in regards to so many things, but it turns out we are going to see Ridge end up with a visit from the good detective with some big questions about what is going on. He’s not happy with his son, of course, but he’s not sure how this young man is going to be accused of murder. He’s in a tough spot, and there is nothing he can do to protect his son in this moment.

Meanwhile, Hope is taking action. She’s called her attorney and she’s getting the annulment papers ready. She’s also getting all the adoption paperwork voided since this was not a legal adoption. We know she will not press any charges against Steffy in this matter since she was not aware this baby was not hers to adopt. She did not know this baby was not Flo’s baby, and she did nothing wrong. However, this is not an easy time for her. This is not an easy moment for her, and this is not something she’s good with in the moment. We are horrified for her, of course, but we don’t know how to help her in the moment.

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