The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Flo and Wyatt Grow Closer

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are still feeling the same way we felt at the beginning of last week going into that week. Things are not unfolding fast enough with Flo and Zoe and the baby information they have. Are they ever going to stop this fighting thing that they do each week and actually do something about this? Flo is still conflicted. She wants to do the right thing, but she also wants to keep living this new life of hers. She likes being related to these people who have opened their doors and walked into her life and been there for her. Her mother had a rough life, and she’s able to give her more than she ever could now that she is a Logan. Shauna is happy here, and she’s not willing to give that up. But, we also wonder about so many other things. For example, what about the way other people are feeling? We cannot help but wonder if there is a problem in that aspect of things, too.

Steffy, for example, is back in town, and she’s shocked. Her baby’s father is not in a good place with his wife, but her own brother is trying to move in on Liam’s wife. Sally and Wyatt are over even though they seemed happier than anyone else in the world, and now he is spending all his free time with the woman who he dated briefly when he was a teenager. Katie and Bill have decided to spend their lives together, her father and his wife are fighting again because Brooke doesn’t care for his outlook on the way things are going with their kids, and Flo is not sure how to behave around anyone. There’s a lot happening, and she came back at a busy time.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

This just makes us happy.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

We might not get to see some other shows air today because it is a holiday, but we are going to get to see the Bold and the Beautiful despite the holiday for so many others. We don’t know what will happen right now, but we know that Flo and Wyatt will continue to let their feelings for one another grow, and we all hate it. We just cannot get on board with Flo knowing that she is going to hurt all these people with the truth when it comes out. And she’s taking a young man from a wonderful woman who she was friendly with, and she’s doing that knowing that she’s more dishonest than Sally ever even thought to be with Wyatt. This is something we all hate, but we cannot wait for this situation to right itself before things take on a bigger turn.

And then there is the fact that we cannot wait to see things unfold with Liam and Hope and Steffy. Hope is about to ask her stepsister to do her a huge favor in regards to Liam, and we cannot figure out what it is. We know that she cannot possibly ask Steffy to marry Liam and make him a father, but what will she ask? Will she ask her to let this man be more involved with the kids? She knows that Steffy is not in the market of keeping her daughters away from him at all, but we cannot help but wonder what she is going to ask and how that will go in the near future.

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