The Bold and the Beautiful: if We Were Writers

The Bold and the Beautiful: if We Were Writers

The Bold and the Beautiful fans all want to see things happen for the people they love the most, and they want to see things happen for those they don’t. Here’s what we think; everything happens for a reason. That reason on television like B&B is that the writers wanted to see it happen. That’s perfectly fine and good, and that’s something that they all want to make happen. But, we can pretend to be the writers of this show for a moment and ask that things happen the way we want to see them happen for once. If we were all about everything that we want to see happening, we’d certainly have a few things go down that make us feel good about life. And this is what we are talking about.

Brooke and Ridge Stop Fighting

They cannot get their daughters to stay out of their marriage, and the girls aren’t the ones in the marriage. They aren’t in their mom and dad’s marriage. But, their parents cannot stop trying to get the other to choose their own child over their own child (does that make sense) every single time there is a conflict. It’s all kinds of ugly, and that’s just how it goes. But there is more. We want to see them get along about all of it, and that means they need to stop interfering with everyone. They need to stop interfering with their lives, with the lives of their kids, and with everyone else.

Hope Leave Liam

This is not a popular opinion. This is not something many people want to see. They love this couple together, but we don’t. We think she can do better. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not the best one. He can’t make up his mind — ever — and he has to sit back and make both Hope and Steffy miserable all the time. We are not down with that, and we’d love to see both of them not pick him, and we’d love to see him alone. We wonder who he would choose next if that all came down to what is going on. Will he run to Ivy? Will he try to get with Sally? We don’t know.

Sally and Wyatt

We want to see them together more and more and more. And we would not hate to see them get engaged, get married, and have a baby. They have so much love to offer one another, and we’d love to see them have that together. It’s Wyatt’s turn to have a happy ending. He is constantly losing to his brother, and he is constantly by himself because nothing seems to work for him — ever. And we want to see that change. We want to see them happy and in love, and we want to see them become a serious power couple who gets things accomplished and begins their own kind of amazing legacy. We think they can do it, and we’d love to see writers give them a chance to make it happen.

Katie Stands Up to Brooke

If she would stand up to her sister and tell her to get lost, we think the world would be a better place. We think they could get things settled in their lives. We hope that they can get their lives together enough to be good sisters to one another, but we aren’t sure that they can. Katie is always being stepped on and losing to her sister, and we want to see the end of that. We don’t think that will happen, however, until Katie decides to tell her that enough is enough. And we just don’t think she will. She’s not someone who will stand up to her and make things better, but our fictional writing of the show would have her stand up to Brooke and tell her to stop taking from her and not giving.

And we love that. We want to see Katie take control of her own life for once. She’s always letting her sister do it for her, and we think this is the chance they have of making things better. We think this is the moment they have to make their lives amazing and good. And we think this is where they need to go.

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