The Big Lebowski Get the Honest Trailers Treatment

The Big Lebowski is kind of what might happen if you took a noir film, a nihilistic attitude, a bowling championship, and a stoner movie and put it all into a blender while mixing a drink and just chilling in your bathrobe. Hey, the Dude would abide, right? The first movie shown in this clip was more than a little amusing since at one time a lot of people were quite worried about marijuana or ‘the devil’s lettuce’ as it’s been known since the belief for so long was that it was a ‘gateway drug’ that would turn nice, innocent individuals into raging, drug-addicted monsters that were to be avoided at all costs. Things definitely change, don’t they? After the litany of names that few if any people would remember though we were finally given The Big Lebowski and things just mellowed almost instantly, at least until the story really got started. The fact that the whole thing was a big setup from the beginning and there wasn’t much reason, if any, to really get the Dude involved is pretty funny since having the same name as a rich old miser was just about the dumbest bit of luck that anyone could ever have. And yet through all of it, the Dude was about as chill as he could be, most of the time. It’s kind of hard to be that chill when one has a wet and maddened ferret in the tub with them. It’s even harder to be chill when people keep messing with him even though he doesn’t have much to do with anything.

How anyone could be chill around Walter though is hard to imagine since the guy is a linked fuse that keeps leading to one explosion after another, making things more and more difficult with each explosion as he continues to aggravate pretty much everyone he comes into contact with. And yet, somehow the Dude continues to move along and take things as they come. The movie is one of those that a lot of people have seen even if they haven’t seen it, as the clip states, since the posters, the images, and the very quotes from the movie have been out and about for so long now that it’s easy to think that a person has seen or heard of them at least a few times within the past several years or more. But until you watch the movie you might not really get the whole idea of it since the fact is that this movie is one of the craziest movies out there and yet it’s also one of the most enjoyable since it’s so laid back and doesn’t really take itself that seriously. It also has a pretty awesome cast since Jeff Bridges and John Goodman together, along with Steve Buscemi, make this a great movie simply because their on screen chemistry is great. One can’t help but feel sorry for Donnie, played by Buscemi, since he’s a nice guy, as far as anyone knows, and yet still gets told to shut up more than once.

Apart from the humor though, this movie is just weird and delightfully so since even putting it on blast on Honest Trailers doesn’t really do much to its reputation, which is kind of awkward since some folks might actually bristle to see their favorite movies talked about in such a manner considering that making fun of movies is actually kind of amusing. But kind of like the Dude, the Big Lebowski is a movie that can take pretty much anything in terms of criticism or satirical commentary and just roll with it, since the fact is that it’s such a goofy and over the top tale that it’s best to just sit back and enjoy it, preferably with a drink in hand and possibly with a joint in the other. Seriously, that might be one of the best ways to enjoy it, especially for those that are overly critical of any movie and need to know why any part of it makes sense. Getting stoned would be one of the best ways to enjoy this movie if only because it would help a person to relax and accept that some things happen and that it’s best just to let it ride man. There are a lot of things that a person could learn from the Dude, even if there are some that folks might be better off not learning since let’s be honest, the Dude is cool and he’s the kind of guy that a lot of people might see as a bum, a layabout, someone that’s kind of worthless, but deep down he’s someone that knows who and what he is, and he just rolls with it rather than fight it. The Dude abides man.

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