The Best Uses of Paramore Songs in Movies or TV

To hear the members of the band tell it only a few of them were convinced that Paramore could amount to anything since a few of them were so young that there was little faith given by the older members that it would be successful. Once they started practicing together however things just started clicking and before they knew it they were existing on a different level than they’d expected and they were ready to go and show what they could do. Initially their lead vocalist, Hayley Williams, was being set up to be signed as a solo artist and made into a pop star, but she resisted this, saying that she wanted to sing rock and that she needed a band with her. After some deliberation Paramore was sent to a different, smaller label to be signed and they were on their way. Since then they’ve been showing what they can do and have been quite successful.

Here are a few of their songs as found in movies and TV.

5. Switched at Birth – Still Into You

This is an interesting show considering that the main premise is centered around two kids that were switched when they were born by accident and as a result one of them has lived a good life and the other has been living a less than ideal life after losing her hearing and being raised by a single mother in a life that not entirely satisfying but at least is allowing them to get by. When she realizes however that her mother is not her mother she gets another shot at a life that can help her experience a few of the things she missed out on while growing up, but the challenge of getting used to this new life is just about as difficult as the one she’s known for so long.

4. The Vampire Diaries – Brick by Boring Brick

Shows such as this have been a supernatural free-for-all that seem to want to incorporate as many movie monsters and legends as will fit into a series. When the two brothers in this show end up falling for and protecting the same woman however it has every element of the movies and shows that have come before it since nothing that comes from the pairing of a vampire and a human is ever fully good or fully evil. It’s something in-between that kind of teases an imminent threat to both of them since the aberration of living and dead combining is never something that fanatics on either side really manage to fully accept.

3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Monster

Interest in the franchise was starting to wane at this point but at the same time you kind of have to admit that the effects were getting better and the story was still fairly interesting. It was too bad that Michael Bay couldn’t pull together more transformers for the film but when you think about how much time and effort, and possibly money, went into the creation of each one there’s no doubt that they had to draw the line somewhere. Using Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Sentinel Prime however was a masterstroke that lent at least a little more credence to the film and made it worth watching.

2. NCIS – Crush, Crush, Crush

The dynamic between Tony and Kate was good, but the relationship between Tony and Ziva had a lot more people on board since the two of them vexed one another in ways that seemed poised to bring them together and keep them apart since they were similar in many ways and yet so different in many others. By the end of Ziva’s time on the show they had finally hooked up just enough to share their feelings with one another, but before they could reconnect Ziva was gone, and Tony suddenly realized that she’d had a daughter, HIS daughter, and he now had another responsibility to own up to. It’s just not the same without Tony and Ziva.

1. Twilight – Decode

You could possibly put a number on the fans that flocked to this series, both the books and the movies, but you couldn’t possibly quantify or even qualify the feelings that many young women felt during the release of each film since the outpouring of emotions for Edward and Jacob, yes there were other characters but these were the most popular of the bunch, ran high and didn’t come down even in-between the films when young women were waiting for them to come out. Even Bella, the main character, kind of paled in comparison when it came to her fanbase as opposed to Edward and Jacob. If you were a teenage girl during the whole Twilight saga then it’s kind of likely you at least heard of the films if you didn’t run to the theater every time one came out.

Paramore is kind of an underrated band that has a really addictive sound.Twilight

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