The Best Uses of Little Big Town Songs in Movies or TV

Little Big Town was actually dropped from their first label before they had a chance to really get going. They went on to sing backup vocals for another artist for a time and were then picked up by another label that helped them to start a career and finally get their name out where people could see it. Since then they’ve been seen a legitimate and talented group that has been amassing fame and pleasing their fans as they’ve continued along. Eventually they left the second label they were attached to and moved onto another one in order to keep their career moving ahead. At this time they’ve been with a few different labels and have found the path to success that they desired. Their fanbase has grown quite a bit and they’ve produced a number of songs that people love to listen to.

Here are some of their songs as heard on TV and in movies.

5. Little Big Town – Girl Crush

Gifted is a story you might see every once in a while since it’s not all the time you hear about a child that can do college-level work at a very young age. However, Frank, Mary’s uncle and benefactor, knows that Mary’s mother, who committed suicide, would not want her daughter in a gifted school as she would have wanted her to have as normal a life as possible. When it comes down to him losing her entirely he reveals to his estranged mother, who’s trying to make a case against him, that his sister solved a math problem of great renown that no one thought she’d figured out, and offers his mother the chance to publish the findings if he is given custody of Mary.

4. Forever My Girl – Silver and Gold

Going away and coming back might be okay when you’re high school or even college sweethearts, but Liam left Josie at the altar, which is not something you do if you happen to love someone. But upon coming back things are pretty tense until he finds out that he and Josie had a child together. From that point it becomes a challenge for Liam to finally accept what he did and an equal challenge for Josie to welcome him back into her life. The prospect of being a family man however does manage to finally turn Liam around and remind him what’s really important in life is to have someone you can depend on.

3. True Blood – Bones

The idea of humans and vampires living side by side is something that appeals to some people but makes others a little uncomfortable despite the fact that the only ‘real’ vampires in existence are those that actively drink blood but don’t have any other qualities of the legendary monsters. But in this show it was evident that the peace wasn’t always meant to last since there were still those vampires that believed that humans were little more than walking blood banks meant to be drained dry and that since vampires were so much stronger they were much more deserving of their natural prey.

2. The 60th Grammy Awards – Better Man

It would be interesting to ask a band or a performer how much stress they feel when being selected to perform for an awards show since it would seem that it’s a great deal more important than a lot of other things they do in their career. Some seem as though they might claim that it’s about the same and there’s no added stress while others might actually still get the jitters despite having been in the business for so long. Just knowing what they’re thinking before they go out on that stage in front of their peers, those that know the business as well as they do, would be kind of interesting.

1. Little Big Town – Novocaine

It almost seems as though country is seeing a massive upswing at this point and more and more artists that belong to this genre are being given greater notice as they’re staring to trend more often. Country music has always been a rather large entity unto itself and has dominated its own portion of the music industry. In fact there are many that love country as one of their favored genres even if they’re into hip hop, alternative, and several other styles that don’t seem entirely complimentary. It’s fair to say that country has been popular for a long, long time, longer in fact than several genres, but as of now it really seems to be taking another rise as more and more artists are gaining more notice with each passing year.

It might be a trend that’s been in the works for some time but in all honesty it seems more likely that as it happens in the music industry country is gaining more attention since this is how it works. Everything moves in cycles more often than not.

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