The Best Uses of Chris Young Songs in Movies or TV

This kind of goes to show that a person can be famous, well-known and respected and still not be prominent when it comes to having their songs featured in movies and on TV shows. Chris Young is in fact an award-winning country singer and yet looking at his stats he doesn’t have a lot of noted tracks in movies, though he is good at what he does without a doubt. It’s kind of a ruthless business that makes a person pour their heart out without any real guarantee that they’re going to go anywhere, but it is a business after all and it’s meant to weed out those that want to be there and those that are just dreaming and can’t seem to wake up enough to the reality. Chris made his choice to go full ahead a while ago and there’s every hint that he’s been glad he did ever since.

Here are some of his songs as featured in videos and in movies.

5. Chris Young – There’s A New Kid in Town

His songs have hit number one more than once and there’s nothing to deny his talent but it does seem kind of odd that he’s only ever been featured in a lot of shows that are TV specials and nothing more. It’s an honor to perform for said specials but at the same time getting your song into a movie or a TV show does manage to get it a lot more exposure and allows people to listen and become interested in the song and the artist. One can only think that it’s a personal choice or some type of marketing ploy that hasn’t made it so that Chris’s movie had gained more coverage than it already has.

4. Chris Young – Sober Saturday Night

Apparently Chris was performing from a young age, as many individual do that seem to rise to the top. It could be that having that drive is important from the get-go and keeping it nurtured and refreshed every so often as a person grows allows it to keep from getting stale and to develop into something that’s worth the effort to go forward with. It’s kind of sad to think of the hundreds if not thousands of individuals that love to sing and perform that never get the chance simply because life kind of intervenes and forces them down a different path. Chris and many others are the exception, not the rule, and a lot of fans are grateful for that.

3. Chris Young – Tomorrow

A lot of his songs get a lot of play on CMT, which is playing late night a lot of the time and then early into the morning. It’s hard to think that anyone’s really up watching but there are those that will turn the channel on to see what songs are new and which ones come up just in order to keep themselves awake and enjoy what they’re hearing at the same time. Chris has managed to hit the top spots a few times and has proven that he’s the kind of singer that sticks around and can deliver on one song after the next. In the world of country artists he might be just another one but he is one that people know and like.

2. Chris Young – Voices

One of the best things about Chris is that he’s down for the music before anything else. That’s easy to say of course and a lot of people might not believe it, but with Chris it seems to be true since he tends to think about the music before the paycheck. The pay is nice no doubt and having what he wants because of it is even nicer, but if you don’t love the music it’s going to show through and your fans are going to see it eventually. The greatest musicians in the world are those that care more about their music than the money it brings since it means they won’t sell out, and they won’t allow themselves to put out mediocre stuff.

1. Country Strong – Love Don’t Let Me Down

Fading fame doesn’t always go away on a high note as it’s seen in this film. Kelly is broken up and almost always drunk as she continues to appear in one show after another as her husband wants her to go out on a high note. Her opening act however becomes the star until one night she comes out completely sober and rocks the house. Unfortunately she succumbs to her depression and commits suicide that same night, leaving behind a note to her sometimes lover to choose love or his career. Taking the point he chooses his career, and at the end of the film we see the up and coming starlet he was falling in love with appear, presumably to tell him that she’s ready to move in with him.

Chris Young is a powerful singer, and should really be featured more in films as his songs are quite meaningful.

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