The Best Uses of Blake Shelton Songs in Movies or TV

Blake Shelton seems to have had what you might think of as a standard upbringing for a country star. He started singing and learned the guitar at a young age and began to have visions of becoming a star the moment he started getting noticed by others. He experienced a family tragedy when his brother was struck and killed by a car when Blake was still young, though if anyone’s thinking that this inspired him to sing and create music it might only be fractionally correct. Such a mention does imply however that he did have inspiration to create something that would come from the heart and be a fitting tribute to his brother as a way to remember him. Since his career started to take off however he became one of the many well-known and award-winning country artists that have been inspiring to many an audience member.

Here are a few of his songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Angry Birds – Friends

Angry Birds didn’t make a lot of sense to people since it didn’t seem to play out a lot like the game. This typically means that they didn’t use the slingshot throughout the movie and that the birds initially had issues of their own with one another and that they trusted the pigs for the first part of the movie. If that’s the only criticism then it doesn’t hold a lot of water since otherwise the birds were pretty much spot on with their abilities except for one or two interesting developments. In fact the movie was pretty indicative of the game, it just took longer for it to develop and took a couple of detours here and there.

4. Footloose – Footloose

Footloose is one of the classic movies that people either agree or disagree about when it comes down to its status as a legendary movie. It was after all something that a few people forgot as they grew older, but some folks actually idolized. It wasn’t the kind of dancing movie that you might see anyone creating a contest or a reenactment of, but it was still something that helped to define a generation in some crucial way. The only downfall is that bringing it back for a remake didn’t seem to be what people wanted since it didn’t seem to perform all that well. It’s one that might have been left in the past so we could enjoy it the way it was, but Blake’s rendition of the old song was pretty great.

3. The Voice – I Lived It

Famous musicians gravitating towards TV shows is nothing new as it’s been done for generations. But when you get a truly talented individual like Blake Shelton his star is just bound to rise and continue to soar upward as he gains a new following and more and more people begin to realize just how great he is. The Voice has been a popular show for a while now and with the bar being set by American Idol a while back it’s had to really attract some of the best performers and the best voices that want to prove their worth to the judges and to the American public. This show is subject to some horrible auditions as well but a lot of performers have been absolutely great.

2. Max – Forever Young

Max is the kind of dog you simply want to be on your side as well as in your life. When his handler is killed in the line of duty he’s bound to be euthanized, but takes to his handler’s younger brother instead and is accepted into his handler’s family. From that point it becomes a challenge to teach Max how to respond to civilian life, but he remains as protective as ever since he was trained how to protect and guard against danger. In sensing a threat to the family by one of his handler’s old comrades he helps to alert his new master to the shady dealings of the old comrade and helps to bring about his end.

1. Dancing With The Stars – Footloose

Now this is the kind of venue where this song really belongs since it can move and stretch its legs on the dance floor with the help of those that are willing to give voice and action to it. DWTS has featured some great hits over the years and all of them have been the kind of songs you can get out and just bust a move to. Footloose is one of those tracks that just never seems to get old since it’s been around so long that the nostalgia and the ability to integrate into this era have helped it along. Like many other songs it’s been redone and revamped a bit but it’s still the same good old time it used to be.

Blake Shelton is a talented man and has earned every bit of his fame.

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