The Best Uses of Bebe Rexha Songs in Movies or TV

Bebe Rexha looks, from all outward appearances, as though she’s someone that caught a lucky break and has ridden it this far on looks and whatever talent she possesses. The truth of it however is that she’s a very talented woman that was hard at work to develop her own sound and latch on to whatever help she could in her early years as she had a very different look and a lot of potential yet to be tapped. There’s no doubt many a person that will go ahead and judge her based on her Barbie doll looks, as she is quite attractive and in some cases might seem as though she’s little more than eye candy for a lot of male adolescents. But digging just a bit deeper you’ll find that she’s a rather talented woman that knows what she’s doing and is deserving of a career that so far has taken her to a position of fame and fortune.

Here are a few of her songs that have been used in TV and movies.

5. Bright – Home

Bright was touted as one of the more edgy and possibly more popular films to come along on Netflix when it was first coming out, but a lot of people seemed to be disappointed in it from the start as there didn’t seem to be enough development and a lot of stereotypes that were being used in a very heavy-handed manner. There was a lot of potential for this movie and a great deal of talent that was put into its creation, but perhaps the rush of a movie and the confinement of a couple hours runtime was the biggest mistake, as a world such as this could have easily run for a single season at least, or a miniseries.

4. Animal Kingdom – I Got You

Animal Kingdom is one of those shows that you don’t know whether to continue after the first season or just call it good and assume that the family continued to get away with heists since Jay decided not to flip on his family. It’s easy to see that a person would hate a law enforcement agent that made her life miserable more than her crime-loving family, but there’s no doubt that Jay doesn’t trust a lot of them, if any of them, since he knows what they’re about by the end of the first season. From that point on it was just a question of how far in he would really go and who would be standing by the end.

3. Last Vegas – One More Wish

Last Vegas is the kind of story that you look at and hope that you’ll be able to live or at least emulate when you get old since lying around in a chair or a bed somewhere when you could be up and enjoying the nightlife is not the ideal life for many people. But there are a few drawbacks to going out and partying all night when you’re older, your body can’t take it as much and you’re bound to suffer for a lot longer than usual. Still, it was a good bunch of actors to get together for a project like this and it was pretty funny despite the fact that it was kind of shoved to the side when it came out.

2. The Voice – Meant to Be

It would seem that Bebe has done a lot of collaborations in her career but this could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. From the up side it means that people think she’s worth singing with and that she’s a talent that is worth putting on stage with other hit artists that are either on their way up or are already firmly established. On the other hand it could mean that she’s not considered to have enough star power on her own and is considered to be famous but not so much that she can really hold the stage down by herself. It seems more accurate to think it’s the former rather than the latter.

1. Bad Moms – Hey Mama

This is a movie for all those moms that feel like they’ve been marginalized for so many years and looked at as providers and little else. It’s a crazy, wild look into what happens when moms decide to take their freedom back, but it’s also a very good look into what moms actually do for us considering that many upon many women, even those that work outside the home, are still doing everything they can just to keep everything on the level in their family and working environments. Of course it’s an amusing film to watch if you just want to see those same moms cut loose and have a good time.

Bebe is worth the effort to listen to if you give her a chance.

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