The Batman Meets Cats in an Absolutely Insane Mashup Trailer

The Batman Meets Cats in an Absolutely Insane Mashup Trailer

The mashup between The Batman and Cats almost gives a person Tim Burton flashbacks when the movies were somehow able to produce a clownish, almost comical quality. But despite the efforts of Twitter user Elvish Presley, which has been well-received by many people obviously, the dark nature of The Batman is still able to come through since Matt Reeves’ project is looking like something that might seek to redefine Batman and what he’s all about. The choice of using Memories from Cats was kind of an odd one to be certain, but it did give the trailer a bit of a different feel that a lot of fans could pick up on and likely found kind of quirky in a way since otherwise leaving the trailer with Something In The Way by Nirvana, as it was created, gives a very dark and distinctive impression that Pattinson’s character is going to be someone that will be heavily dedicated to crimefighting, but will also be a person that’s on the edge continually and unable to fully commit to a normal life over that of his alter ego. When it comes to Cats though, normal is something that didn’t stand a chance when thinking up the idea for the hybrid creatures that dominated the screen.

Batman has been given a few different looks over the years, but this time around it does feel as though Pattinson is being given the look of someone that is truly tortured and has yet to figure out the whole angle behind his alter ego and what he can do to present a different face to the public at large. But despite the slightly comical feel that Memories gives it in terms of serving as a soundtrack, there’s no denying the dark lean that Matt Reeves took when making this movie since both Batman and Bruce Wayne looked like people on the edge since there’s not a lot to say otherwise. Cats just put people on edge since it was cringe-worthy from the word go and looked like something that would be better getting pulled from theaters before it ever hit the release date. Of course, that didn’t happen since someone up the chain of command decided that they needed to at least try to make their money back, which they didn’t. Despite this, Cats will be talked about for a while to come likely since it was one of the biggest flops of 2019, if not THE biggest flop. The Batman is already being looked at in a very promising light when talking to many people since the idea is that it will help to revive the story and take on its own to create another few movies that people might be able to get behind in a big way. That’s kind of optimistic since the only trilogy that’s been able to do that in recent years was Christopher Nolan’s, but even that was starting to wear a bit thin.

It’s bound to happen that many people are going to support this movie and that they’ll end up saying that it’s one of the best representations to come along since Nolan’s, but it’s also likely that there will be people seeking to break it down while trying to find fault with it. This is pretty natural really since no movie gets away from the scathing reviews that people have to give, no matter how great it is. Over time it only gets worse if the movie can’t find a way to redeem itself, and already it’s likely that The Batman is going to have more than its fair share of criticisms to deal with since already it’s looking like something that might have gone down the wrong alleyway in Gotham. The result so far however is that Bruce Wayne looks like someone that people might not want to mess with since he doesn’t look entirely balanced, and it’s likely that his psychosis, which Batman has dealt with for many years like it or not, is worse than anyone is letting on at the moment. In the other Batman movies, he was well-established and fairly well-balanced in a lot of ways, even if he still had that trauma that had never left him. It was what made Bruce Wayne/Batman who he was, no matter how he was depicted, and it was a driving force for the character since it turned him into the hero that he became. But it’s also what’s made him an uncertain hero at best sometimes, and a vigilante most of the time since that dark nature that Batman possesses is something that really sets him apart from other heroes in the DC universe. Many heroes have troubling backstories, but Bruce is definitely one of those that has never really faced up to what happened to him when he was young, at least not in a manner that allows him to move forward in a healthy manner.

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