Teen Wolf 2.11 Review: Standing at the Gates of Hell

Teen Wolf 2.11 ReviewHoly. $#*%!!!

Teen Wolf came with the right hook last night with an episode jam-packed with set ups and pay offs that prepared the fans for next week’s finale, which if the previews are any indicator, will be absolutely insane. Jeff Davis continued where he left off from last week in his writing duties, but some obvious time has transpired since Matt’s death and we were left feeling in the blanks in a lot of areas.

Gerard vs. Scott/The battlefield of blood

There are no such things as boundaries when it comes to Gerard, who really showed his ass last night. He’s made this battle personal by attacking and threatening Scott’s mom with the Kanima, which was just simply a no-no move in my eyes. Like I’ve said before, Scott has a serious adversary in Gerard, but once he disarms the old of Jackson, and in some extent Allison, then taking down Old Man Argent should be a piece of cake. I hope.

Plus, how many people thought that Danny was the one laid out on the lacrosse field when the lights came on? He got one scene tonight, which was basically a warning from Jackson. I smelled doom for the kid after that, but luckily he made it out unscathed. For now.

Speaking of that scene, why would Gerard demand Jackson hurt himself like that? Did he know about the myth Peter was explaining to Derek about how a Kanima can be saved? Or was he just being a ruthless person again?

Allison vs. Erica and Boyd

As much as I love Allison, I did not love her in this scene… despite her being a bad ass and all in it. First off, let me just say that for Boyd and Erica to not be able to decipher actual wolf howls/calls from an audio recording was either just asinine or an another example of how Derek totally sucked at teaching his pack.  A part of me want to say both, but I digress.

If Jackson is Gerard’s sword, then Allison is his shield. She’s completely took hunting down Derek’s pack to heart and has become an ice-cold person in the process, even to the point of scaring her father with her behavior. What Allison needs now is a cold dose of the truth being thrown at her to wake her out of the spell Gerard has cast on her. Maybe news of her “Grandpa” holding lacrosse players and fans hostage with the Kanima can do the trick? We can only hope.

Also, I was not a fan of the torture of Boyd, because while I can see where there isn’t any love loss between Erica and Allison, Boyd didn’t do anything to Allison to justify her shooting the guy full of arrows. Can we get our old Allison back (with advanced fighting skills in tow)?

Peter vs. Derek

When Peter showed up in the old Hale house, I knew that there would be some sort of battle going down. What I didn’t expect was for said battle to end in a tutoring session in the art of being an Alpha werewolf from Uncle to Nephew. Not to say that the lesson was not needed. I have been screaming all season that Derek’s choices for his pack were more than ill-advised and could seriously bite him in his own ass in the future. For instance, lacking to train his pack how to hone their hearing skills and having them hideout at the Hales’ Place (where Hunters lurk on a regular basis) were not attributes becoming of an effective Alpha, so hopefully Peter’s crash course will help Derek maintain (and enhance) whatever Alpha capabilities he has left. That is if will even have a pack when things are all said and done.

As for the other parts of said lesson, we found out that a Kanima, namely Jackson, can be saved. The creature just needs to be called by his true name by the person who cares about him the most, which in this case will be Lydia. This doesn’t bode well for Stiles to gain any chance for Lydia’s affections.

Other Highlights of the Night

– Stiles

The guy never ceases to amaze does he? He started off the episode with a haunting and extremely deep exchange with Ms. Morrell, the guidance counselor, about the concept of drowning; followed it up with his equally deep conversation with Scott about being “useless;” then ending it with kicking ass in the lacrosse game, only to gain the love of the school, admiration from Lydia, and joy from his dad.

Then he got kidnapped. Just another typical day in the life of Stiles!

– The Vet (Dr. Deaton) teaching Isaac his new abilities.

Dr. Deaton is becoming more and more like a watcher from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or Highlander) as he helps Beacon Hills’ werewolves perfect their talents and educates them on who they are. Which still begs the question, who, or what the hell is he??!!

– The Coach’s Speech. Epically lame, only because it was from Independence Day and it made him look like a jackass. Funny scene, though.

What did you guys think about last night’s Teen Wolf?


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