The Five Biggest Surprises New Girl Season 7 Has Thrown At Us

New Girl Season 7

The seventh season of the popular television series “New Girl” was filled with surprises that we didn’t see coming. The show had already completed its sixth season and it was through a lot of effort that the final season with its 8 episodes would be aired. This was the season that wrapped up the series and brought everything together to give fans their final closure before saying goodbye. In case you missed out on catching them or didn’t get to watch we’ve got you covered. Here are the five biggest surprises that “New Girl” season 7 has thrown at us.

1. Season 7 Episode 6 – Nick gets an overhaul

Nick wasn’t allowed to wear flip flops on the set. Nor did we see him bagging around in saggy sweat pants. Instead, he had to clean up to show the new Nick that was ready to step up to the plate and assume all the responsibilities that come with settling down. He was dressed in new clothing and he was even sporting a wrist watch. It was quite a change for the character that didn’t see much in the way of evolution throughout the series. The new threads that featured a tighter fit and a more expensive look suited him well and it was almost like seeing a new character. The writers and director pulled off a small miracle in transforming him close to the end and it fit in so well with their intentions for wrapping the series up.

2. Jess and Nick are still not married after 3 years

In the first episode of season 7, Jess and Nick come back to Los Angeles. they were just returning from touring the world as Nick was out and about promoting a novel in his Pepperwood Chronicles. This was a big surprise for everyone because it was assumed that they would tie the knot at some point. This was also a surprise for Bob, Jess’ father who was worried about the fact that they had put it off for so long. It wasn’t expected by anyone.

3. Winston can finally see color

This is yet another surprise that happened in the final season of the show. Winston is amazed at all the different colors when he wears a pair of glasses that allow him to see what he’s been missing out on.

4. Cece surprises everyone

It really was no surprise when in episode 6, Schmidt and Cece planned out a sex date. They hired a babysitter for the occasion and made arrangements to go out for the night. The real surprise came when Cece made the remark that she was ovulating. It got even more intense when she told Schmidt that she wanted to have another baby. This is quite a note to end the series on and it made everyone wonder where the writers were planning to go with this.

5. Season 7 Episode 8 – Jess Surprises Nick

We thought that Jess surprising Nick by getting the apartment ready for an interview to adopt a dog was a surprise, particularly since he was planning a very special dinner date that included a marriage proposal.But what came later in the 8th and final episode was the biggest surprise of the season. Nick and Jessica had only been married for a month when they received a notice of eviction. It wasn’t only for them, but for everyone who lived in the building.

Engram Patteresky had other plans for the building and this meant that everyone who had fond memories of the loft would have to leave it forever. This was one of the biggest events that took place, perhaps, in the history of the show. It was a symbolic way for the writers to wrap things up with a finality that showed things would be forever changed and there would be no coming back to the familiarity of the environment that was so much a part of the series.

You may think that this is the biggest surprise, but there is one that is much larger. At the very end when the moving truck is fully loaded, Winston delivered the news that it had all been a hoax. As it turned out, Engram Pattersky was nothing more than an anagram for “My Greatest Prank.” This new information doesn’t change the forward progression and the wrap up because Jess and Nick have made up their minds to move and they go forward with the plans and everyone drives away.

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