Gen V Looks Insane…Bring It On

Gen V Looks Insane…Bring It On
Gen V Looks Insane…Bring It On

Credit: Gen V

So far, the appearance of Gen V looks like something that would be worthy of being associated with The Boys since it is, and it’s a sure bet that fans are going to be looking forward to the show coming to Prime Video in 2023. The idea that young superhumans are being trained by a Vought-ran school and shown how to harness their strengths in a way that’s going to get bloody is just the way things probably should be since The Boys has been nothing but sheer insanity since it first showed up. It even looks as though a few key characters will be showing up during the show to lend a bit of credence to the idea that, yes, this is a genuine spinoff of The Boys, and it will be given the same level of demented humor and depravity as the original show, which is something that fans would admittedly gripe about if it happened to be left out. The trailer is a good indication that there will be plenty of crimson splashes of gore that will emerge during the telling of this tale. But what will be really interesting is if the link to the parent show is pushed in a strong enough manner to suggest that Gen V might point to the possibility of seeing a few of the stars appear in the next season of The Boys. Now that would be epic. 

A school for superhumans sounds like a good idea, but when Vought is involved, it’s bound to go wrong. 

Vought has already made it clear that they can just barely manage the adult heroes they have, and those are individuals with years of trauma that have found little to no way to cope with their own issues. But a school with young teens and possibly young adults that are still growing up? Adding superpowers to those who have yet to figure out what life is all about sounds like a cross between Children of the Corn and every superhero movie ever made, and the results aren’t bound to be that great in terms of the story since it’s fair to think that the chaos that is shown in the trailer is just a taste of what’s coming. Of course, that’s kind of what people are hoping to see, so when talking about how people are bound to react, it’s all good. But Vought has proven that it’s not exactly a stable place for people to develop, so it’s fair to state that the school will be a hellhole where survival of the fittest is the only rule that really matters. 

The amount of blood seen in the trailer indicates that the spinoff won’t be trying to go PC.

One thing that The Boys has never been (thank goodness) is a PC show since they’ve gone all out when it comes to the material they push, and it’s been a glorious bloodbath as bodily fluids and insults of all types have been tossed about without regard to whose feelings they’re going to hurt. If the spinoff continues this trend, it’s going to be a success without question since it will have reaffirmed that yes, people know all about the consequences of saying or doing a certain thing, but they also know that life isn’t the kindhearted utopia that some want to think it is, and The Boys has made it clear that this world is brutal and unforgiving, and that the only way to make it right for anyone is to fight back. How Gen V will accomplish this isn’t certain yet, but there will be blood aplenty in the attempt to make the story work. 

Gen V Looks Insane…Bring It On

Credit: Gen V

It’s interesting to think how much of an influence The Boys will be allowed to have over this spinoff. 

Obviously, it’s going to have a huge amount of influence initially since if not for The Boys being so popular, this show probably wouldn’t have come about. But thinking that the main show is going to run this one entirely isn’t the best idea, at least not when thinking about how to allow Gen V to evolve. There’s no doubt that it could be influenced heavily by The Boys now and then since it feels that this would happen naturally. But initially, it does sound like a better idea to let the spinoff see what it can do on its own, with the influence of the main show there, and ready to help if needed. 

The initial look of the show is enough to remain hopeful about what will happen. 

Things are going to get violent and bloody, and yet still retain a sense of humor now and again, it would appear, and this is perfect. The show doesn’t have to mirror The Boys entirely, as that might get kind of boring. But showing the next crop of superhumans to make their way up the ranks is bound to be interesting. 

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