Pikachu Falls Over During Public Appearance and It’s Kinda Funny

Pikachu Falls Over During Public Appearance and It’s Kinda Funny

Don’t feel too bad for laughing at Pikachu as he falls over during a public appearance, regardless of the kids crying it is kind of funny. Just looking at the costume I can imagine that it’s not that easy to walk in, and running might be another matter altogether. Plus just looking at this thing it wouldn’t matter if those eyes are mess or a person is short enough to see through the mouth, visibility seems like it’d be horrible. But when you’re dressing up as a character that’s loved by millions, many of them children that want to see one of their favorite Pokemon, it’s kind of important to not show any obvious signs of distress.

You can hear in the kids’ voices just how many are concerned about Pikachu and whether or not he’s okay. Wait, is Pikachu a boy or a girl? It’s a little hard to tell with some of the Pokemon since they’re a bit ambiguous, but Pikachu has been designated as male. Before we really get into that however let’s take a step back and not bother wondering if there are in fact Pokemon that identify as one but look like the other. Moving on…

Pokemon is a worldwide craze, phenomenon, whatever you want to call it that’s been around for long enough now to be called not just a part of pop culture, but a part of our history as well. It’s not something that belongs to just one country any longer either, as the cute little creatures have made their way from their birthplace in Japan to settle in all parts of the world since the late 90’s. When they first came out I was one of the many looking at them askance and wondering just how long it would take this fad to wear thin. It wore thin alright, but it didn’t wear out. Ever since Pokemon got rolling it’s been increasing year by year and incorporating new designs and new platforms from which to work until as of now they’re one of the biggest things around. The revenue pulled down by Pokemon is insane, but it’s become so popular that people across the world simply have to have something that has to do with Pokemon.

Personally I won’t have anything to do with them in my personal space since I’m the kind of guy that laughed when Death Battle on YouTube pitted Blanka from Street Fighter up against Pikachu. Spoiler alert, Pikachu didn’t win despite being awesome and all, and kind of, well, lost his head. Okay okay, Blanka bit his head off and ate it as an appetizer. Thankfully that’s just a spoof that was, in my opinion, pretty funny. Just imagine if a kid that loves Pokemon saw it though.

Like it or not, Pokemon is supposedly here to stay since it’s rooted itself into so many cultures that eliminating it now would be next to impossible. Thankfully enough people like it that the franchise should be able to stick around for a few generations.

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