Supergirl S3E12 Review: “For Good”

Supergirl S3E12 Review: "For Good"

After Supergirl went off-world and was filled with tons of action in “Fort Rozz,” the team returns to Earth for an episode that focuses more on Lena. Considering this season of Supergirl has been dealing with such a massive threat in Reign, the show has done a really nice job of balancing everything else going on outside of the main storyline. There has been a large focus on the return of Mon-El and the introduction of the Legion of Superheroes recently, so it is nice to see the show deliver some additional time to catching up with characters like Lena and James.

The driving factor in this episode is the return of Morgan Edge, who has been really pushing Lena’s buttons whenever he’s around. Things have gotten pretty heated between the characters and really shown that the two hate each other. Edge has been a fun addition to the show this season, becoming a solid and necessary secondary antagonist that ties into Kara Danvers life more directly than Supergirls. This episode opens with Edge narrowly escaping an attempt on his life and he immediately assumes it was Lena trying to kill him. Given their past, this isn’t the most shocking accusation aside from the fact that Lena really doesn’t feel like a killer. The plot offers nice development for Lena, who continues to be a great supporting character for Supergirl. She has really allowed the show to have fun with the idea of keeping a Luthor incorporated but offering a fresh take on the family and, for once, a not completely evil member.

It will be interesting to see where Supergirl takes Lena in the future though. The show continues to push the fact that she doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl pretty heavily. In this episode, she even flies with Lena, as normal Kara, to save her from the poison. There is a lot of groundwork being laid to suggest that Lena might turn evil when she discovers that she was the only one to not be told about Kara’s identity. On top of this, she is getting more serious with James, who is also hiding a secret identity that everyone else knows about. While this would feel a little disappointing, it would fall in line with the teases of Lena having a darker side and the fact that she can’t seem to completely cut her mother out of her life. With Reign being the main antagonist this season, season 3 of Supergirl could very well lead up to Lena’s discovery that everyone around her has been keeping major secrets from her, showing a lack of trust from the people she cares about the most.

“For Good,” also introduces the fact that there are other Worldkillers out there, which will be an interesting idea for the show to explore. Supergirl has built Reign up to be a pretty substantial and powerful villain on her own, and to add in additional forces with different types of powers will only make this a tougher mountain for Kara to conquer. The season has done a good job of finally putting Kara to a big test, nicely amplifying the threat levels compared to the previous two seasons. It is easy for the superhero shows to feel stagnant with their villains and repetitive in terms of how the seasonal plots play out, but Supergirl has not yet fallen victim to this trend, building out its story and character progression nicely.

While “For Good,” became a nice change in episode type for the season, it handled Lena being put front and center nicely. The return of Lillian and her influence on Lena is an exciting dynamic that Supergirl has kept weaving in and out of essential points. It will be interesting to see if Lillian can ever get Lena to turn to the dark side and join her, or at least change Lena’s perspective on Supergirl and the other heroes out there. After this, the show should be kicking Reign into full gear now that the worldkillers are coming into play as well. This will definitely be the toughest test for Kara, and hopefully the show can tie everything together nicely to make the season 3 ending an impactful one.

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