It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.02 “Dennis Gets Divorced” review

Another week, another fantastic Sunny.

Tonight’s episode, the follow-up to last week’s, finds the Gang on the other side of marital bliss. Frank and Charlie are constantly fighting, Dee finds the man who cheated on his wife with her crashing at her place and Dennis simply cannot take the lack of freedom any more.

I was very happy to see the return Brian Unger as the lawyer and Andrew Friedman as Charlie’s creepy uncle Jack, who, as it turns out, is also a lawyer. A really, really terrible lawyer.

Given Charlie’s past interactions with Jack, is it safe to assume that Jack is the inspiration behind “Night Man”?

It’s nice to see Sunny stray a little from self-containment. Things that have happened in past episodes are starting to have an effect in present episodes. In the past, the writers seemed to have little regard for the canon of the Sunny universe. Manufacturing events in the characters’ pasts for the sole purpose of serving the episode. Granted, this still made for great television and one of the funniest series ever to have been on the air.

The best thing about Sunny straying from self-containment is that it rewards viewers who are familiar enough with the show and the formula to understand most of the jokes. Take Charlie’s uncle or illiteracy for example. Even the downfall of Rickety Cricket couldn’t have been done in a single episode.

But I digress.

Frankly, this episode was damn funny and even better than last week’s. If the trend continues, this season will see plenty of laughter tears and forehead slaps.

Just as great comedy should.

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