How To Successfully Bring Back “King of the Hill” to Television

It seems that reviving old series is the order of the day right now, especially for Fox. It’s not a bad thing really, those series that are getting reboots or are being continued are in fact shows that people have grown to love. King of the Hill is one that garnered a lot of support during its run and has been theorized about ever since it’s final episode. In the final scene we finally saw Hank and Bobby really connecting over the art of cooking steaks over their own individual grills. Each one of their neighbors couldn’t help but wander over for a bite to eat.

So now talks are in place about bringing King of the Hill back to the lineup for new episodes. How would they go about that though? Certain things would have to be different and light would have to be shed on a few things.

For instance:

In the last episode we saw Boomhauer placing his wallet on his dresser, and inside we saw a badge that identified him as a member of law enforcement. So just what branch is he with and how long has he been with them? No one’s ever really figured what Boomhauer does for a living or much about his past. You would think since the four guys have been around one another long enough that they would know almost everything, but obviously that’s not the case.

Bobby, Joseph, and Khan Jr. should be at least in high school if not headed off for college at this point. Since Luanne and Lucky are out of the house as well this would mean that Hank and Peggy might be experiencing empty nest syndrome at some point, or at the very least are finding out how hard it is to deal with a moody teenager that’s on the verge of becoming a man. At any rate Bobby and his friends should be experiencing a great deal of change at this point in their lives.

At this point all of the adults should have to start experiencing what it’s like getting older as their bodies start to wear down and they have to deal with certain issues that might crop up from time to time. Bill would be the most obvious candidate for health issues, as would Dale at some point. It might even be amusing to see an episode or two in which Peggy and the other wives attempt to get their men to eat right, exercise, and live a healthier life. That could be worth a two-parter if not more.

The main thing about King of the Hill is that anything and everything could happen in the small town of Arlen, Texas. Much as it’s done already the show should place some emphasis on how the older generation gets along with the younger, and how that dynamic continues to flow down from one group to another. One thing is for certain though, Hank will always be the big man on the block.


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