Stuff That Movies and TV Make Look Real Easy But in Real Life are Real Hard

The movies make everything look great don’t they? Well maybe not everything, but a lot of times they certainly make life look a lot simpler than it really is since to be fair and even truthful there are a lot of things that the movies make look easy but in real life they’re pretty difficult. You might be able to think of a few things off the top of your head and possibly even manage to come up with even more, but there are plenty that are there for the taking and are a big sticking with point that people have an issue with when they see them, particularly if said people have ever experienced said actions. We watch movies to be entertained, but it’s easy to pick out moments when things just don’t feel right and are way beyond the norm, more so than the laws of physics, common sense, or even reality would allow for given that some things just aren’t entirely possible. But hey, that’s the movies, they operate on the kind of magic that we love to see and kind of expect us to suspend belief if only for a couple of hours or so.

Here are a few things that the movies make look too easy.

5. Extravagant living conditions

Some of us make a pretty decent living with what we do and we earn every dollar and cent. But the fact is that the kind of living spaces we see in the movies aren’t always as accurate as they could be for the type of work that the main actors do. Granted, Neo could possibly afford that box he lives in with the money he makes off of hacking, which is another point we’ll get go, but likely as not even that’s going to suck up a lot of his funds. Those characters living in mansions or big, spacious apartments and condos couldn’t possibly afford what they have a lot of times unless they’re playing the roles of millionaires, which isn’t always the case.

4. Firing big guns

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fired a handgun or a rifle, or even a shotgun. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever fired anything bigger. Firearms usually have quite the kick don’t they? Anything with enough of a recoil to it can throw off your aim, or even dislocate your shoulder if you don’t know how to fire it properly. There’s also the problem of aiming. A good movie to look at is The Losers from 2010 as Cougar, the sniper of the bunch, executes two beautiful shots to help out Jensen, but from the distance and the angle he’s firing it’s pretty likely that his chances of hitting Jensen are way too damned high.

3. Fighting multiple attackers

Keep in mind that Ip Man, Rambo, and Jedi simply aren’t born every day and fighting more than two people in real life is going to cause a lot of problems even for a skilled fighter. People aren’t going to come at you one on one and they’re definitely not going to wait their turn or fight fair. This is the definition of a street fight, which is hard to find an accurate representation of in the movies since too often the lone individual will have plenty of time to react if that’s in the script. Quickness and power are all well and good in a fight, but taking the time to consider that a lot of people don’t have the same level of fighting skill, it’s usually best to avoid a fight with more than one person.

2. Computer hacking

It’s not like Hackers, or Sneakers, or even WarGames where a person can just use the phone line to patch in, especially now. Hacking isn’t just hitting a bunch of keystrokes and diving right into a network as many computer experts would tell you. In fact some genuine hackers and specialists actually cringe when they see how this is being portrayed on screen since a lot of the times it’s like a monkey trying to bang away at a keyboard in an attempt to write Macbeth.

1. Getting shot

In real life it doesn’t matter if you have a bulletproof vest on or if you take a bullet, you’re down for the count since the force of that one shot is, as many who have been shot would attest to, like being kicked by a mule or something even stronger. If anyone remembers the first Jackass movie, Johnny Knoxville actually took a beanbag to the stomach and the bruise was twice the size of the ammunition used and lasted for quite a while. That’s a BEANBAG mind you, not something that will sink into your body and leave razor sharp fragments that would need to be removed. Just trust the idea that after a person is shot it doesn’t matter how tough they are, they’re not going to be moving too fast, if at all.

Movies make it look easy, but reality reminds you it’s just not so.

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