Stuff about The Simpsons That’s Still Kind of Annoying

Stuff about The Simpsons That’s Still Kind of Annoying

Stuff about The Simpsons That’s Still Kind of Annoying

The Simpsons show no sign of stopping anytime soon. However, there are some things about the long-running TV show that remain as annoying in the present as the past, meaning that it seems probable that they are here to stay.

Here are five things about The Simpsons that are still annoying:

Homer Being a Terrible Person

Homer has done a lot of terrible things over the course of his existence. Often, he learns a lesson from the consequences of his choices, though the fact that he continues to blunder from one problem to the next makes it clear that he never seems to learn from them in truth. With that said, Homer’s success led to the creation of similar characters, some of which are so terrible that they make the original seem almost benign in comparison.

Moe’s Suicidal Tendencies

There is a fair amount of humor in The Simpsons that has become a little out-of-place because the TV show has been running for so long that societal attitudes have changed. For example, Homer strangling Bart has become more and more questionable over time, though it escapes the worst of the potential condemnation by being so blatantly cartoonish whenever it shows up. In contrast, Moe’s suicidal tendencies are much more problematic because they are not as cartoonish, with the result that it can seem a little bit too true to life from time to time.

Exaggeration of Characters

People have been talking about the exaggeration of existing characteristics in The Simpsons characters for years and years. This is unfortunate because it has resulted in a loss of nuance in the characters, with the result that the TV show as a whole has suffered from a reduction in the number of character-driven stories.

No Continuity Whatsoever

The Simpsons has a understandable aversion to maintaining a strong continuity over the course of the TV show. After all, it has been running for decades by this point in time, meaning that keeping track of what has happened would be absolutely nightmarish. With that said, it would be nice if it maintained a light sense of continuity by making more use of the characters who have shown up in a small number of episodes before vanishing never to be seen again. Something that would not just silence the questions in the back of the mind about why the Simpsons never ask their Uncle Herb for help whenever they have monetary woes but also provide a neat bit of nostalgia for people who remember the earlier seasons.

Pointless Celebrity Cameos

There are a lot of celebrities who have shown up on The Simpsons over the course of its existence. Some of these celebrities have been put to excellent use in their episodes, having been incorporated into their narratives without so much as a hitch. In contrast, other celebrities have shown up before vanishing within little more than a moment, which makes their appearances rather pointless. Celebrity cameos were popular back in the 90s, but modern TV shows should make more extensive use of them because just having them show up doesn’t really add anything anymore.

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