10 Things You Never Knew about Street Fighter’s M. Bison

M. Bison is one of the craziest and most dangerous characters in the Street Fighter franchise largely because he’s big, powerful, and he has the kind of power that tends to overwhelm just about anyone. His psycho power is so powerful that it allows him to stay alive a great deal longer than any living being should be able to, and allows him to possess living bodies to continue his reign of terror. Playing the game he was the favorite of some and the bane of others since his moves were often so crazy and so strong that they were insanely difficult to defend against and often would sap one’s health bar in a matter of seconds if they weren’t paying attention or were a novice to the game. Throughout the history of the game, the cartoon, and the movies he’s been one of the most dangerous bad guys to ever rise to power, but he’s also been kind of entertaining since like a lot of tyrannical despots he’s his own worst enemy.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Bison.

10. He’s been featured in a Death Battle with Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat.

These Death Battles are always up for debate between fans since a lot of them tend to not take into account certain factors that might swing the fight in favor of their favorites if certain circumstances were put into effect. But the outcome of this is that Shao Kahn manages to get the best of Bison largely because he’s a lot older, a lot more experienced, and, well, a lot tougher.

9. Bison is based on a literary figure.

He’s based on a character that is actually a demon given human form and that is bent on destroying Japan throughout his long history. This would make sense with how Bison is portrayed since he’s not the nicest guy in the world.

8. Cammy is a female clone of Bison.

Cammy was originally created as a clone by Bison so that he would have another vessel that his soul could take over if and when he needed it. The Psycho Power that he uses tends to burn up his body so it was always necessary to have another form on hand.

7. He removed every good part of his soul.

When he discovered that there was a good aspect and an evil aspect to his soul Bison did his absolute best to purge himself of everything good so that he could fully embrace the evil that he would eventually use to build his power base. His good side would eventually take physical form as the character of Rose, another character that some fans know and some don’t.

6. He was raised by gypsies that taught him soul power.

There’s at least a couple of different back stories for Bison but this one seems to be widely accepted as he was taught soul power by a tribe of gypsies that took him in and raised him. Of course they couldn’t have possibly known what he was going to become. Right?

5. He doesn’t stay dead very long.

Thanks to his understanding of soul power and the Psycho Power that he uses so frequently Bison doesn’t stay down for all that long, even if he’s been incapacitated or even killed. His soul tends to find a way to survive and thereby terrorize people all over again.

4. He was played by Neal McDonough in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Somehow Bison was made into an Irishman that had no power and was taken out by the same young woman that he was victorious against throughout games, the cartoons, and the original movie. This was an attempt at recreating Bison but it wasn’t the best.

3. He formed an alliance with Destro from COBRA at one point.

You kind of had to see this one coming since Street Fighter was able to blend with so many different other shows that it was just a matter of time before it would be subjected to a crossover series with another similar show. And plus, Destro and Bison seem like they’d be made to partner with each other, though it would likely be a short-lived thing since neither of them really liked to share power that much.

2. His toy version had its own vehicle called the Crimson Cruiser.

A lot of fans would have liked to see this cruiser in the cartoons and comics since it would have given Bison a definite edge, but there were a lot of toys that were created that were never shown in the shows they belonged to.

1. Raul Julia still stands as the best version of Bison in film.

There has yet to be a really great Street Fighter movie as of yet but the one thing that can be said for the first one is that it had Raul Julia, who could play a part like none other and make it all his. He captured the egotistic and maniacal attitude of Bison perfectly even if he didn’t exemplify Bison’s physically-imposing stature.

Let’s just say it, Bison is really a lot better in the game.

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