10 Things You Didn’t Know about Steven Pasquale

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Steven Pasquale

If you aren’t familiar with Steven Pasquale, it’s all right. He’s one of those men who makes a big impact in all he does, and he’s not going to stop anytime soon. He’s known for his roles in many shows and even movies, but it’s his roles in shows like “Rescue Me,” and “Six Feet Under,” which make him so well-known. However, it seems many people know very little about him other than what he does on the television screen. He’s a man with a very interesting history, and we thought we might get to know him a little more.

1. He’s From Pennsylvania

He was born on November 18, 1976 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He stayed there most of his life, and he even went to school there. He grew up in a good time in history. Prior to social media and cell phones and constant connectivity, and that is something we imagine he does not take for granted seeing how these things affect the way people grow up in this generation.

2. He Gave College a Try

He tried it, but it didn’t work for him. It doesn’t work for everyone, but we love that he gave it the old college try. See what we did there? He went to the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University. He made it a full semester, but it didn’t work. He took off and moved to New York to give acting a try. We think it worked out all right for him.

3. He’s Twice Married

His first marriage was in 2007, and it lasted 6 years. He married another actress, Laura Benanti. Unfortunately, that did not work out for him. It happens. He married a singer, and an actress, in 2017. Her name is Phillipa Soo. They’re still married as of 2020.

4. A Famous Person Announced Their Wedding

When he and his lovely bride tied the knot, it wasn’t the two of them who announced it to the world following the exchanging of their vows. It was the very famous Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He posted it to his Twitter account with a photo and a congratulations. Very cool.

5. He Wants People to Vote

If there’s one thing that he is big on, it’s voting. In 2019, he and his wife went to the polls to cast their own vote, and then they made up their own song about it. The song was meant to encourage others to go to the polls and do the same.

6. He’s A Broadway Star

He’s been on Broadway more than once, and he’s been in a good place about it. He might not be at television star or a movie star alone, he’s also a Broadway star who is so good he’s been in multiple performances with some of the most famous faces in the industry.

7. He’s Much Older Than His Wife

He is a man who is a lot older than his wife. When they met and became engaged, she was only 25 to his 39. They are fourteen years apart, which is kind of a big deal. Some people are fine with big age differences, and some prefer to be with someone closer to their own age. These two clearly don’t mind the age difference, and it’s lovely.

8. He’s Anti-Trump

He’s one of those people who dislikes President Donald Trump so much that he once said in an interview “Charlie Brown could be on the ballot opposite Donald Trump, and he would get our vote,” which is an interesting point of view. This year, they might be wishing it was Charlie Brown on the ballot opposite our president.

9. He’s a Giving Man

He and his wife spend a lot of time working with the Eliza Project, which is a way of bringing art into the lives of the kids who don’t have it otherwise. The project is designed to ensure that kids who are considered at-risk are given a chance to learn about the arts and what they mean in terms of creativity and importance. It’s a lovely project.

10. He’s Private

This is a man who spends most of his time living in the public eye, but he maintains a very impressive level of privacy in his life even then. He has a daughter that he manages to keep out of the public eye. He has a life that he manages to live without everyone and their mother in the midst of his business, and that’s something of a skill when you live this kind of life.

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