Stephen Dorff Really Disliked The New Black Widow Movie

Everyone has their own opinion and they’re entitled to it of course, but one has to ask: Did Stephen Dorff ever watch his performance in Blade back in the 90s? The question is pertinent at this point since as happens so often, the shade being thrown at the upcoming Black Widow movie, particularly by Dorff, is kind of amusing since some actors tend to act as though some movies are utter trash while what they might do is considered to be ‘high art’. Now let’s not get too twisted here since Stephen has starred in some interesting and eye-opening movies, but his turn as Deacon Frost was something that felt a little too forced, even for the 90s, though he did play a necessary villain that was bound to meet Wesley Snipes’ character Blade in final combat. If Dorff really wants to compare a movie to a bad video game as he did with Black Widow, however, it’s necessary to take a look at many of the comic book movies that have come along, include Blade. The movie was great for its time and was a lot of fun, up until a point.

The MCU hasn’t really been under attack from critics and their like over the years, but the truth is that big names voicing their displeasure with how Marvel has taken such a top spot in the movie industry is nothing new. Most people are going to remember what Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola have said about the MCU and the utter disdain both men have shown for the franchise. But while Dorff only appears to take issue with one movie, in particular, it’s still enough to think that he’s kind of talking out turn since his own career isn’t horrible, but it’s not something that’s currently resting at the same level as many of those within the MCU.

Calling out Black Widow for being a terrible movie is, at this time, kind of telling even if Stephen admits he never would have starred in this movie. That does make a person wonder if he perhaps auditioned and was rejected at one point, or perhaps has another ax to grind with the idea or someone that’s associated with it. The whole idea of ‘feeling bad’ for someone when they’re starring in what looks like it could be their last hurrah before saying goodbye to the MCU is kind of funny really since it’s fair to say that Scarlett was given a healthy paycheck for this final outing as Black Widow. The MCU movies that have been coming out for well over a decade now have been pretty solid most times and haven’t exactly been the amusement ride or video game experience that some folks have likened them to. Or maybe they have, since that’s not much of an insult these days since even video games have been getting more in-depth when it comes to their storylines, and amusement parks are great places for stories to be born or at least to gain inspiration for another great story. See how that works? Insults can become an inspiration as well, especially when they appear as little more than individuals who might feel threatened by the experience or perhaps a bit sore that Marvel didn’t get any bigger right after their own movie experience.

Yeah, that was a shameless dig at Dorff simply because his own experience with Marvel didn’t last long and his villain was a bit, well, lacking when compared to many of the other villains that have come along since. Seriously, he was supposed to become a blood ‘god’, which means that Blade probably shouldn’t have stood a chance, and the same methods that worked for lower-level vampires shouldn’t have been quite as effective. But the writing for Blade was obviously thinking to keep things in check without letting the characters getting too OP, at least until the sequels hit. One good thing that can be said about Black Widow is that while she’s a little tougher than her comic book counterpart, she still hasn’t deviated that much since her power levels are about where they need to be. And to be fair, her movie death is bound to be remembered for a much longer time.

In other words, Dorff is entitled to his opinion, just as anyone is, and the rest of us are entitled to think that he’s bitter for some reason or another, and he’s easily ignored since despite being a movie star, his current career trajectory hasn’t really reached the same level as many MCU stars. So with all respects to Stephen, his opinion is his own and he’s welcome to it just as much as anyone else, and it’s kind of cute that he felt the need to chime in and shed little to no real relevance on the upcoming movie.

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