Stephen Colbert’s Interview with Omarosa Was Extremely Awkward

Stephen Colbert’s interview with Omarosa got kind of awkward at some point. If you don’t know who Omarosa is, first off watch TV just for a little bit, and then, she’s a former a political aide that was also Director of Communications for the Public Liaison in the White House. She’s also been seen on The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice as well as The Big Brother where she kind of dropped a bombshell by replying to a question by someone asking if things were going to be okay under Trump. She said no, no they weren’t. On the show she stated that she was speaking about the immigration issues that are being dealt with constantly. Of course when Colbert is trying to be serious she starts to laugh, kind of in a nervous way really. It’s as though she can’t think of anything to do so she just starts laughing. In other words she does the Tommy Wiseau laugh.

Every time she laughs you can see she’s uncomfortable, as this is not a real laugh no matter how she makes it sound. Trying to get anything out of her about working with Trump meets with a kind of stone wall answer that leads into a diversion that puts the conversation on track for absolutely nothing. It’s understood that there are things she probably wouldn’t be able to say, but it’s also evident that she might have said some things on Big Brother that she should have let go without comment. She’s being very cagey throughout the interview, giving what seems to be safe and dodging anything that she might not want to talk about. Colbert does what he can to get information out of her, but it’s just a very clunky, awkward interview that doesn’t go much of anywhere.

For someone that was supposedly in the know when it came to the White House, at least for someone that had a security clearance during her tenure, Omarosa doesn’t want to say much more than we’ve already heard. It’s the same stuff that Trump has blasted as fake news when he catches wind that the entire world has been reading his tweets. For a woman that’s been best friends with Trump, as she states in the clip, she sure forgives the guy a lot, not the least of which is that she’s been fired by him four different times. There’s a lot to be said about friendship however, and that doesn’t bear much on this article, at least not at the moment. But forgiving him so much for so long should have alerted anyone that the current POTUS is kind of a toxic person at times and is being forgiven for largely because of who he is and what he can do.

What’s really troubling about this interview is that she uses her laughter to try and shift gears when the questions become something that she doesn’t want to speak on. Too many people that have been in government, at any level, seem to have picked up this trait far too naturally.

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