Stephen Colbert and His Take on the Donald Trump Press Conference

Stephen Colbert and His Take on the Donald Trump Press Conference

While I think Jimmy Fallon gets the award for the best Late Night reenactment of Donald Trump’s press conference, I’d be a fool not to share Stephen Colbert’s analysis on The Late Show.  However, I need to stop myself here.  Is anyone else getting tired of reading this stuff?  I’m personally getting tired of typing it.  What’s more is that even though late night shows will have enough material for the next four years, guys like Stephen Colbert who you know obviously oppose Trump in a big way, have to be going home at night thinking, “what world am I living in?”

I can’t imagine it’s easy going up on stage and having to make light of all of this.  I have a very strong feeling that at some point we’re going to see Colbert come out swinging and do a very serious segment.  While he’s certainly been coming up with serious shots and challenges to the President and his staff, I just think it’s a matter of time before Stephen Colbert cracks.

At some point, if not already, we’re going to be facing an even more serious crisis, one that’s on our soil and it won’t be pretty.  I just hope we don’t wait that long.  Wait, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, here’s Stephen Colbert’s monologue about the Donald Trump press conference.

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