Stephen Colbert Interviews Cartoon Donald Trump and Cartoon Vladimir Putin on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert welcomed two very special guests, who were making their first official joint appearance together in public. I’m talking, of course, about Cartoon Donald Trump and Cartoon Vladimir Putin, who seem to have been friends for a very long time in private but are finally okay with taking their relationship out into the open now.

When Colbert initially asked Cartoon Trump if Putin has some type of “strange influence” on him, the president-elect quickly shot down those theories. Cartoon Trump said that Putin does “absolutely not” have any major effect on him, although he did also call the Russian president “a great leader, strong, warm, like a steaming bowl of borscht.” However, it was then revealed that Cartoon Putin had been whispering in Cartoon Trump’s ear throughout the entire interview, feeding The Donald words to say.

After Colbert dealt with the initial shock of Cartoon Putin actually being there on The Late Show, he dove in for some serious questioning about Trump and Putin’s relationship, mainly about how Putin’s actions affected the 2016 election and how Trump could support a leader like Putin, who kills journalists and jails political opponents. However, both Cartoon Putin and Cartoon Trump quickly waved off those controversies as no big deal.

“We’re just good friends,” Cartoon Trump explained. “We’re so close we finish each others’–”

“–elections,” Cartoon Putin said.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s full interview with Cartoon Donald Trump and Cartoon Vladimir Putin in the video below:

[Photo via YouTube]

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