Stargate Universe 1.09 “Life” Recap

So last night’s SGU was the penultimate episode before the midseason finale. Did it set up the explosive episode that is supposed to carry us out until next year? Well, let’s just say that everyone is stressed and can snap at any moment, so yeah, the midseason finale better be explosive.

The Set Up

Everybody is dealing with the stress of living on the Destiny: Chloe does yoga, the soldiers have the civilians and scientists do laps and exercises, Park has sex with an unknown soldier, Eli works on mathematical equations that Telford left behind, Young spies on Rush, Camile draws a painting, Franklin is not having any luck in his garden, and Spencer just popped his last pill. So in short, life is somewhat ‘grand’.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Col. Buzz Killington (aka Telford) sits at the Communication Stones console asleep. A scientist comes to relieve him and tells him that it was Gen. O’Neill’s orders for him to move his ass. I mean damn, why is he so obsessed with commanding the Destiny?

But Telford surprises me even more when he calls up Col. Young’s wife, Emily, and has dinner with her. He then tells her that he has an obligation (out of their friendship mind you) to tell Emily something about Young.

Back on the ship, Scott leads some people in a jogging session. The guy who Park was humping with says hi to her, but she barely say hi back to him. Was the sex bad, Park? It didn’t look bad… TJ tries to talk to Spencer, who only mumbles that he is fine, but it is clear this man is one short hair from snapping a neck at any time. This prompts TJ to report to Young, who says that he wants TJ to run psych evaluations on the entire staff and crew.

Meanwhile, Rush cleared off two more sections of the ship and sends Greer and another soldier to check them out. One is another quarters area and the other? Well, it houses a Repository of Knowledge chair similar to the one found by the SG-1 team. Young checks in on Eli, who has been running all the combinations that Telford had set up to go home; all of them proved to be failures. Young then gives Camile and Scott clearance to use the communication stones.

No Place Like Home…

Camile and Scott arrive on Earth, with Camile in a random female soldier’s body and Scott in Telford’s body. Seriously, someone needs to ban that mofo from the communication stones room…

Carl Strom stops Camile before her personal visit and asks what’s the status on the ship and that Telford’s scientists are working on new data adjustments. Camile says that with the factions of Team Young and Team Rush taking over the ship, there is no way her voice can be heard. Strom then suggests that Camile starts a faction of her own. There HE goes starting crap…

Scott gets the wind knocked out of him when he gets a letter from the 16 year old girl he knocked up before coming to SGC. The girl is now a woman, of course, but her contacting him throws him completely off. He goes to visit her, but she’s not home. But her son is home… all alone. Scott and his guide stay outside the house and waits for Annie, the girl in question, to come home from work. When she does, Scott has to pretend that he is actually Telford, because Annie is not cleared to know about SGC. Annie buys the ruse and lets Scott in her house. Annie’s son stare at Telford/Scott in awe, which Annie explains is because the kid adores the military. When she gives the boy orders to go brush his teeth for bed, she calls him “Matthew”. Scott eyes buck. Trying hard to contain his shock, Scott tries to say the right words without blowing his cover. Annie tells him that she couldn’t go through with the abortion and didn’t tell Scott, because he was going through a lot of crap at the time. When the SGC rep tells Scott that his time is up, Scott tells Annie that he ‘contacted’ Scott and he will have to adjust to the news, but that he set up for his monthly Air Force check to be deposited into an account for Matthew and Annie, so Annie can go back to school and take care of Matthew Jr. Annie freaks out about Scott trying to make her go to school and says that she is fine with her current job, which is ‘dancing’. She declines Scott’s offer.

Camile goes home to see Sharon, her lover, and at first Sharon is not apprehensive or sure of this strange woman in front of her claiming to be Camile, even if SGC already told her what to expect. But after Camile asks if she’ got rid of the ugly chair’ in Chinese, Sharon is relieved and the two women embrace. Camile and Sharon reconnect as if they had never been separated. When they finish dinner, Sharon suggests that Camile go see her parents, but Camile says that they don’t have clearance. When she sits down with Sharon, it is revealed that the picture Camile was drawing at the beginning of the episode was of a portrait that is in Sharon and Camile’s living room. When Camile realizes she forgot the rowboat on the picture, she breaks down and cries. Later when the SGC guide tells Camile that her time is up, Sharon tells her to do whatever she has to do to get back home. Don’t plant that in her head, Sharon, because Strom has already given her the go head to do something stupid. Camile later visits her parents and it is clear that they either are just got clearance to know about Camile’s whereabouts or they were cleared by SGC to know about Camile’s whereabouts and Camile lied to Sharon to hide that they don’t approve of her lifestyle. I am going with the latter, because of Camile’s bitter facade after seeing her parents.

The Audacity of Hope

Meanwhile, Rush, Greer, and Young discuss the pros and cons of the Repository of Knowledge chair, which is a prototype to the one SG-1 found back in the SG-1 episode “The Fifth Race”. Rush is all about the pros of the chair, which includes the master code of the ship and all the Ancients knowledge that could help them out in the long run. Young is all about the cons, which include the fact that the last time a human downloaded Ancient memories into their brain, they nearly lost their damn mind and died. That human? Gen. Jack ‘O Neill (Richard Dean Anderson). Rush wants the knowledge, but as Young rightfully summarizes, it has to be at the sacrifice of someone. Nobody is seeing Rush volunteer himself, so Young says the chair is off limits. Greer jokes that he would sit in it if it means getting everyone home. Don’t give Rush any ideas, bruh.

Brody can’t see why the hell Young won’t let anyone sit in the chair if they are volunteering, which Volker claims is politics and that Young wants to get the glory if it works and needs a scapegoat if it doesn’t, with that being Rush. Again, fellas, are YOU volunteering your services?!

Later, while Rush looks at something on the console, he presses a button and then all of this knowledge is released bringing a smile of joy to Rush’s face. The info? A way home.

Seems that Rush found a subspace link between all the ships that came before the Destiny and knows where each gate is located. While looking through the data, Rush came across a planet with the same capabilities of as Icarus, which means that they have a chance to get home. One of the problems, cause there is always a problem on SGU, is that it will take a year before they reach that planet. Then they have to learn how to steer the ship and enter the planet’s atmosphere and see if the gate even works. In short, Rush says they need the master code for all that. Hmm… *Sniff*.*Sniff*… Is that crap I smell?

Rush asks for the chair and Young orders him to crack the code another way and that he is up on Rush’s shenanigans. In the mess hall, Rush confirms to a lot of soldiers, including Greer and Spencer, about the news of one year to go home. Rush only asks that Greer and the others support him along the way. Greer’s down for the cause, but Spencer acts like an idiot and demands to be let off the ship, because he can’t do a year. Somebody get this man some anesthetic and tranquilizers, stat!

News of the One Year mantra flies through the ship, renewing everyone’s hopes, especially Scott, who is furious that Annie didn’t tell him about his seed and Camile is excited to come back to good news. But Eli finds the source of the crap I was smelling earlier and its a doozy.

Rush planted the information and LIED about finding a planet to get them home!

Say it with me: SO DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!

When Eli and Scott try to tell Young, Camile overhears and you could just hear every inch of her heart breaking into a million pieces. Young confronts Rush and his reasoning? He wanted to boost morale on the ship.

EPIC FAIL, RUSH! Try Again! How about letting me explain? Rush did want to boost morale, but only so someone could sacrifice themselves and sit in that damn chair, namely Greer or any of the other grunts that would be willing to do the deed. So in retrospect, when Rush said that he needed the “support” of the soldiers, he meant he need their bodies to be turned over to him for toying and jettisoning later.

Son of a b—-

But this isn’t what Rush reveals, nor young for that matter. Young knows this all was done for the chair, but tells Rush that he is not stopping RUSH from sitting his ass down in the Ancients’ version of the Lay-Z-Boy. Rush doesn’t budge and he moves up on my Ish List.

Col. Young Vs. Telford

During the body switch of Telford and Scott, Telford confronts Young about not getting the data experiment that his team left behind last time, which Young counters with Telford jumping ship when the going got tough. Telford strikes a chord with Young when he mentions that he is surprised that Young isn’t trying to rush home to Emily. Um, Telford, HE IS!!!!

So Young gets a shock when Scott comes back from his trip with visions of Emily in his head. Scott has only seen a picture of Emily, not met her in person. Scott and Young deduce that Telford has to have been seeing Emily. So Young does a body switch with a soldier and he trails Telford back to his house. Young barges in and wants to kick Telford’s ass, but Emily stops him while Telford makes a phone call. Emily tells Young that Telford and her haven’t been sleeping around, unlike Young, who she thinks still is canoodling with TJ. Of course, Telford told Emily this and when Young goes to kick his ass… he wakes up on the ship!

Turns out that Telford had someone on base shut the Communications device down. WWWWOOOO BOY!!!! I can’t wait for Telford to meet Karma.

TJ later asks Col. Young to do his evaluation. He simply tells her it was a bad day.

Later, we see a soldier get up from the communication stones room, trail Telford and beat his ass! It was Young!!!! But he didn’t kick his ass enough for me. I wanted black and blue, dammit!!!

TJ’s Evaluations

While the soldiers make everyone puke and even more stressed with workouts, TJ’s evaluations are a good relief point. TJ’s first patient is Franklin, who whines about the entire experience. Seriously don’t like this guy. Her second patient is Park, who says that she is relieving her stress by… reading books. Uh huh.

TJ breaks the mold with Greer and we learn that his dad, who served in Desert Storm, beat his ass when he was young. Greer also wishes people will shut up and let him do the deeds that no one else will do, because he doesn’t loose sleep over killing “bad people”. When TJ tries to get deeper in Greer’s dad issue, Greer storms out. I want to know more!

Chloe talks about how much the people on board are helpful for her stress and how much Scott takes care of all of the other areas of stress relief. Moving on… TJ tries to talk to Rush, but he doesn’t respond and says he’s fine.

Volker feels optimistic that they will get home during his chat, but he looks like he is about to snap.

TJ summarizes with Young that she only did 14 evaluations and everyone else is hiding from her. My diagnosis? Everyone needs to watch their backs, because someone is about to go loose their damn mind.

Spencer’s Issues

Spencer seems to be that person in question. After nearly causing Franklin to have a heart attack and later nearly beating the crap out of the poor guy for crossing his path, Spencer get his ass handed to him by Young who tells him to shape up or meet the brig. Hell, he should’ve been there from gate.


So everyone resumes their daily routine, but with some changes: Eli joins Chloe in yoga, Camile adds the rowboat to her painting, Park has picked GREER as her latest sex conquest, Young spies on Rush and Brody notices and shows his disapproval, Spencer silently counts down his days till he officially snaps, Franklin sees a seed finally pop up in his garden, and Scott cries for the time he missed with his son.

Again, life is ‘grand’ aboard the Destiny

So, what do you guys think? I smell Spencer going off the deep end next time and it will not be pretty. Also, more Greer and more Telford’s nose being busted please?

I have more, but I want to know what you guys have to say.

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