Star Wars Officially has a Game Show Now: “Jedi Temple Challenge”

Jedi Temple Challenge

Fun as it sounds, Jedi Temple Challenge, a new Star Wars game show, already feels like it’s something that came out of the 90s but was never allowed to be seen until now. Obviously the effects and the material are going to be up to date and the show does stand a chance of doing quite well, but still, it’s likely going to be something that kids will find endearing and engaging up until they become old enough to know just what’s going on behind the scenes. Apart from that it does seem like a fun time for kids given that Star Wars is still a highly popular franchise and this attempt at bringing the fun and knowledge of the Jedi to kids and allowing several of them to experience see what it might be like to be a padawan could take off if it’s executed properly. Perhaps one of the best parts about this as Alan B. Orange from MovieWeb reveals is that Ahmed Best, the same guy that portrayed the much-hated character of Jar Jar Binks, will be hosting the show along with Mary Holland, who will be playing a droid sidekick. The senior director of online content & programming  had this to say:

“This is definitely a kids game show like no other. The various challenges will test a Padawan’s connection to the Force in three locations, a forest planet, on board a Jedi star cruiser, and inside a Jedi Temple, immersing them and the audience in a fun, humorous, and exciting competition.”

The show isn’t scheduled to launch until 2020 but it’s likely that auditions to be on the show could be coming up soon given that they’ll need to be able to film each episode either live or in advance and the contestants will need to know what’s going on. Likely as not there will be a screening process for the show so it might be wise, if you’re interested in letting your kid try to audition, to look up the show and see what might be needed in order to get in. Ahmed will be getting to play the part of a Jedi Master this time around, so thankfully no more Binks, though the hatred of this character was hard to figure out at first apart from the cries of racism that so many people engaged in. It didn’t even matter that the character’s creator, George Lucas, stated with firm intent that there were no racial undertones present in Jar Jar. People still packed on as much as they could when it came to the hatred, which almost caused Ahmed to commit suicide at one point. Hopefully no one will be pulling that particular card this time around since Ahmed will be sans any Jar Jar makeup and will be hosting the show so as to help the kids along and teach them the ways of the Force.

Whether this show will be successful or not is up to the audience really since game shows with kids have made money in the past but they’ve also been more of a fad that comes and goes, and while they’re still a good idea it’s also something that has to be taken with a big grain of salt since there is always that idea that once kids grow up the show really isn’t going to be considered that great anymore. A lot of these shows have a shelf life of about three or four seasons before they start running out of gas, and while it is very true that it could be different this time around, it’s also true that it’s an idea that might need to be reworked a time or two before all the kinks are found and removed. Kids today are still amazed and entertained by Star Wars and a number of things that go into the franchise that make it great, but once they see behind the effects it’s easy to think that their interest will change. And in fact once they advance from one grade to another it’s also likely that their interests will change. If Disney is banking on hooking one generation after another with their material this could have that effect or it could dive bomb and end up being replaced eventually. It’s not a pleasant thought but it’s one that can’t help but be said. What’s desired honestly is a great show that will end up entertaining the kids and possibly even the adults since there are still plenty of grownups that enjoy Star Wars and might actually get into this show. Whether that happens or not though it could be something special that might just catch on and eventually become something that people will be watching and waiting for week after week. After all The Mandalorian was a pleasant surprise, so maybe this show will be as well. Joe Otterson of Variety has a few other things to say on the subject.

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