Star Wars Book Teases Possible Snoke and Yoda Connection

Snoke and Yoda

Do you ever get the feeling that those who serve the Force are connected in some way no matter which side they serve? It would appear that in an upcoming comic book series, Age of Resistance, that fans are already speculating that there might be some connection between Snoke and Yoda based on a very similar tree that is seen behind the Supreme Leader. Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb and a few others seem to think that this could mean that there is a definite connection between the two Force masters, though of course Yoda would have already perished by the time Snoke began Kylo Ren’s training. However, if Snoke was to take Kylo to Dagobah there’s a good chance that the rumors of him and Yoda having something to do with one another would be well-founded since Yoda’s Force ghost seems to have no limits on where he can go considering that he showed up in Return of the Jedi within the Ewoks’ village, and he appeared in The Last Jedi when Luke seemed to need him the most. So quite honestly if Snoke and Kylo ARE on Dagobah for the comic series then perhaps Yoda might make an appearance and even give a little more insight when it comes to Snoke.

That seems like wishful thinking to be honest since the coincidence that would have to take place in this instance would be humongous, even if the Force is used as a catch-all for the reason behind why Yoda and Snoke have a connection. When you think about it we still don’t know a whole lot about Yoda and his past, just as we don’t know a lot about Snoke and his past. Both characters are mired in legend and rumor at this point and while Yoda has been around a lot longer, both in the franchise and chronologically it would seem, Snoke still has the kind of history that should be able to label him as a big bad even though he was taken out in a very anticlimactic fashion. Admit it, some of us were thinking that he might actually live beyond The Last Jedi and possibly become even a bigger threat, right? Well, those hopes were dashed, at least for now, since Kylo decided to go on a tear against his master and complete the prophetic vision of Darth Bane it would seem. Of course that could be false also since it would seem that the Knights of Ren are going to be making an appearance in the upcoming Rise of Skywalker, meaning that Kylo didn’t follow the Rule of Two and is instead attempting to bring his own order into focus.

Banking on a connection that might exist between Yoda and Snoke though, one has to wonder what it could possibly be, though George Simpson of Express and several others are at least willing to start tossing theories about. After all, Dagobah has been seen as a place that is heavy with the dark side of the Force and yet not so evil that someone like Yoda, or Luke, couldn’t learn a thing or two. In many ways Dagobah is kind of like a demilitarized zone when it comes to the Force, neither side really has sway over the other but there are still elements of both sides that exist heavily upon the planet, remaining as natural occurrences that are allowed to stay largely because they’ve become a part of the place and are thereby simply accepted. But to Force users there’s little if any doubt that there is a serious dichotomy at work in this place, and it could be this that draws Snoke to Dagobah, if in fact that’s where he takes Kylo for his training. There was actually a comic in which a young Jedi named Munch, who looks like a very young Yoda, trailed a dark Force user to the planet and eventually defeated him, though not before the seeds of darkness were allowed to take root within the dreaded cave where the dark sider fell. Unfortunately this was debunked in the canon since it’s been widely stated that Yoda did not visit Dagobah until his exile in the third episode, Revenge of the Sith.

But being that Force users, especially powerful ones in this case, can sense one another and the impressions they leave behind, it could be that Snoke made his way to Dagobah with Kylo in tow largely because it seemed like a nexus of dark side energy that could be harnessed and used. But upon reaching the planet it’s also likely that he would encounter Yoda’s Force ghost. But then there are always theories that are going to abound about Yoda and Snoke meeting up many years before, as Snoke’s history isn’t really known as of yet. It’s even possible that he could be a former Jedi or associate of Yoda’s, wouldn’t you think? At this point there’s simply no way to be sure, but the comic will be coming out in September, so we don’t have too long to wait.

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