General Hospital Spoilers: Danger Is Lurking

General Hospital 1/15/16

No one is safe in Port Charles. This is something that viewers have seen time and time again, mostly because the characters on General Hospital have a way of putting themselves in harm’s way. Seriously, it’s like these people can’t catch a break, and the coming episodes aren’t going to be giving anyone any breaks. According to spoilers, Liz is still staying with Jason in an effort to stay safe. However, when Sam pops up at Jason’s place to deliver some news, it looks like she isn’t going to be very happy with the fact that Liz is there. This is probably a good lesson that you should always call before you come, just in case.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Lulu are still up to no good. However, it’s continuing to become evident to Lulu that her little revenge plot against Valerie certainly wasn’t the brightest idea, and including Johnny in the mix may have made things even worse. Plus, it looks like there may be some police involvement when photos of Johnny and Lulu make their way into the hands of local law enforcement. Everything that goes up must come down, and this little two-man team is definitely on their way down.

However, the excitement doesn’t just stop there. “Love is in the air” is an understatement for the characters on General Hospital. Seriously, relationships are usually the driving force behind a lot of the drama in Port Charles, and things are just heating up. Ryan Peavey, who portrays Nathan, leaked a photo of a future script, and what his followers saw definitely have loyal General Hospital fans buzzing in excitement for the next few episodes.  Although script he posted has an air date of early February, it’s still worth noting because it could mean some major things are on the way. Sure, the photo didn’t reveal much information, but it does point to a Las Vegas location which has many people thinking that there is a wedding on the horizon. But who could be getting ready to tie the knot? Well it looks like Nik and Hayden may be the show’s next married couple. Although a marriage between the two would definitely be a little sudden, it wouldn’t be completely unexpected. After all, the two have talked about marriage when Nik was released from the hospital, but decided to hold off. However, Hayden and Nik’s relationship doesn’t really have any staying power, especially if some old secrets make their way to the surface.

After all, Nikolas did try to have Hayden shot to death, and let’s be real – that’s a little extreme, even for Port Charles. Sleeping with the enemy is never a good thing (could you imagine being married to someone who tried to kill you?!), but these two might just find a way to use it to their advantage. After all, stranger things have definitely happened, and if there’s one thing that these characters are good for, it’s using each other to their advantage. Hayden is definitely trying to use a marriage with Nik as a way to gain some ELQ stock, and she seems very determined to get what she wants. Unfortunately; however, using people tends to backfire, and Hayden and Nik probably won’t be the exception.  Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions, but they usually bring out the worst in people, so it won’t be too surprising when people start revealing their true colors.

General Hospital 1/15/16

With plenty of action waiting in the wings for the upcoming episodes, it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out. Will there be a wedding? Will Johnny and Lulu’s run finally come to an end? As usual, it seems like no one knows who to trust, and the people think they’ve all their bases covered may learn the hard way that they’re not actually in control. As usual, the show promises to be full of excitement and plenty of unexpected twists, and hopefully some much-needed answers.

Tune into General Hospital on ABC at 2PM EST.

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