General Hospital Spoilers: Like Father, Like Son?

General Hospital 1/19/16

This week is already off to an interesting start, and it’s only going to get better in the coming episodes. The phrase “there’s never a dull moment” has a new meaning for the people of Port Charles, and viewers can expect lots of twists and turns from everyone. Recent spoilers have indicated that Jake is going to make his feelings about Sam very well-known. Jake may be young, and as a result, the adults around him have under estimated his ability to understand, but he’s about to prove them wrong. Like any kid, he wants to see his parents together, and he sees Sam as a threat to his family and their happiness. Although most kids probably wouldn’t know what to do in this situation, Jake is going to let his father know exactly how he feels. He can sense that there’s something a little off about Sam, and he refuses to go unheard. However, when Jake expresses himself, his anger will reveal that there may be some deeper issues at play behind the scenes. He doesn’t just say what he needs to say, but he flies off the handle. As a result, Jake will begin art therapy sessions which will reveal something troubling about his state of mind. Apparently; however, Jake’s anger towards Sam will be so intense that she may be put in some serious danger. What is Jake capable of doing, and will he do it? It’s true that some people don’t recognize their own strength, and anger just makes things worse.

Jake’s parents will obviously have a hard time dealing with this. After all, no parents want to know that their children are struggling, especially like this. Although each of them will have to deal with the issue in their own way, Jason is going to really have to take a look at his son’s condition and do some serious thinking and reflecting. Like many parents, Jason is going to blame himself for his son’s problems, and as a result, he may have to confront some of his own problems. If you remember, Jason has quite a few problems of his own, and he killed several people. But even with that being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is to blame. However, Jason will feel so guilty that he will do everything in his power to make sure that his son is okay. This may sound like a good idea, but Jake is a smart kid, and he may be smart enough to manipulate the situation to swing in his favor. If he knows that his rage will get his father’s attention, then he may continue down this path in order to make sure that Jason sticks around more. It looks like even the children of Port Charles know a thing or two about plotting on the people around them.

On top of all of this, these new issues could cause some serious problems between Jason and Liz. This probably won’t come as a shock to anyone though, because their relationship has had some serious obstacles. Although Jason is trying to be a father to both Jake and Danny, it’s turning out to be a very difficult situation for everyone involved.

Other spoilers have also indicated that Liz may have a new guy coming into the picture. If that’s the case, Jake’s possible plot to get and keep his parents together may not be as easy as he thought. A new doctor at the hospital may just sweep Liz off of her feet. As usual, it looks like nothing is going to be as it seems, and the road ahead will certainly be full of lots of twists and turns.

With some very serious issues brewing, the next few episodes will certainly get intense for many of the characters. There will be plenty of questions, and loyalties will be tested.

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